Inside: These are the best spring cleaning tips because they help you do more in less time so that you can get everything cleaned without giving up your lifePLUS they’ll show you how to spring clean your house like an expert, even when it’s a dump.

The house was a disaster. Overwhelm crept in before I had the chance to convince myself I could make it through this.

A long winter finally started to give way to the signs of spring (but I knew not to be fooled, winter would be back again before spring was really here), which could only mean one thing:

Spring cleaning. 

With spring cleaning on the horizon came the all-too-familiar feelings of overwhelm and frenzy and sent my head spinning. It happened every year.

How can I deep clean our entire house?! I barely have enough time to keep it clean every week.

I might as well just accept that we’re going to live in a dump. There’s no way I’m going to be able to find time to do this.

I’m an awful homemaker – I can’t even manage to spring clean our house for my family.

How Can I Make Spring Cleaning Easier?

The problem with thinking those negative thoughts towards spring cleaning is that inner thoughts will always come to light in outer circumstances.

Thinking negatively towards spring cleaning triggers the body to release cortisol (the stress hormone), which tells your body that spring cleaning – and anything cleaning – is stressful, overwhelming, and it is better you stay far from it.

“Being focused on negative thoughts effectively saps the brain of its positive forcefulness, slows it down, and can go as far as dimming your brain’s ability to function, even creation depression.”

Susan Reynolds

On the other side of things, when you think positive, optimistic, and joyful thoughts, you’re decreasing cortisol and helping your brain function as best as it can. 

Thinking positive thoughts reinforces that the situation is doable.

So really, the best thing that you can do to make spring cleaning easier is to think positively towards it, not negatively.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the thought of spring cleaning and certainly don’t think negatively towards it. Instead, think positive thoughts, break the task down in step-by-step form by following a simple checklist or creating your own spring cleaning checklist.

Doing this will tell your brain that spring cleaning is manageable, and will result in the best possible outer circumstances. 

Download: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

How to Have a Positive Attitude Towards Spring Cleaning

Sure, saying you’ll think positively towards spring cleaning is the easy part. Actually doing it? Not always so easy.

How do you think positively towards something you dread? Something that for years has been nothing but a pest? Something that overwhelms you?

Here are a few quick ways you can start to think positively towards spring cleaning:

  • Look for the good. To be optimistic about a situation you have to find something good about it. Even if you hate cleaning, finding something good about the situation will make the entire process easier. Example: “The good in spring cleaning is that when I’m done we will have a beautifully clean house.” 
  • Replace the negative. Negative thoughts are bound to invade your mind. When they do, take that thought captive and turn it into a positive. Example: “Spring cleaning sucks! I’m so overwhelmed by the thought of deep cleaning my whole house.” to “This isn’t my favorite thing to do, but if I follow a checklist I’ll be able to get it done faster and without constantly feeling like I’m forgetting something. Plus, once I’m done it will be so worth all the work!”
  • Decide to be happy. No one can force you to turn the negatives into positives in your life. It’s you alone who are responsible for that. So, make a decision that you’re going to try – even just for this year – to have a positive attitude towards spring cleaning.


Spring Cleaning FAQs

When to start spring cleaning?

March 26th – April 1st is National Cleaning Week, which makes this the most common week to spring clean the house. 

Why is spring cleaning important?

Over the winter houses get musky from the limited fresh-air flow through them, and they get dirty from snow and mud being dragged in on winter shoes. 

Spring cleaning improves the air quality of your home which will help you feel better and healthier. Cleaning also gives a sense of accomplishment, putting you in a good mood.

What do you do for spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is one of the two yearly thorough house deep cleanings, which means, for spring cleaning you clean… just about everything.

It is best practice to deep clean your house in the spring and in the fall, to keep your home running as efficiently as possible, as well as keep mold, soot, and grime out.

Spring Cleaning Hacks

The best way to make spring cleaning easier is by working more efficiently. 

By getting more done in less time.

You can do this by learning some little-known as well as some well-used spring cleaning tips to make your life easier for this year’s annual house deep clean.

What to Clean During Spring Cleaning

You want to be sure you touch every area of your home during spring cleaning, high and low. 

This means the nooks and crannys behind that couch that hasn’t been moved in a year and taking a dusting rag to the tops of your cupboards.


Just those two things themselves sound like a lot of work.

Don’t worry – if you start now and use your Spring Cleaning Checklist you’ll be done and bragging to your friends about how effortlessly it was to spring clean your whole house before they even have the chance to start their cleaning. (Then you can share your awesome spring cleaning tips with them to make their lives easier, too.)

Before we get to the what, let’s address the how. 

Here’s how to spring clean your house…

  • Work in one room at a time. While some people believe that working one task at a time (ie – dusting the entire house) is a better way that focusing on doing everything one room at a time, the best and most efficient way to spring clean is by working one room and area at a time. (This way once you’re done that room you can close the door behind you and you don’t have to enter it again.)
  • Top to bottom. Clean everything you clean from top to bottom, always. This way you won’t have to worry about knocking dirt from a higher area onto a lower surface that has already been cleaned, and in turn creating more work for yourself.
  • Left to right. Taking it one room at a time isn’t quite enough – we’re going to dissect that room even more. You’re focusing on one room, you’re working from the top down, and you’re going to clean everything from the left to the right – this way you easily know what’s already been cleaned and you can work your way around the whole room without wasting time trying to figure out whether or not you’ve already cleaned the window sills.

With those three spring cleaning tips in hand (hint: they’re not just spring cleaning tips, they’re tips you want to use anytime you clean your house), it’s time to gear up and get to the spring cleaning tips and tricks:

Spring Cleaning Tips For How to Spring Clean Your House in One Day

Here are the best spring cleaning tips you’ll find – for how to spring clean your house in one day so you don’t have to give up an entire week of your time to clean.

First, download your Spring Cleaning Checklist then follow the tips below to make spring cleaning your house easier, this year (and every year from now on).

Easy spring cleaning tips…

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Use Weiman’s for a shiny stovetop

This heavy-duty stovetop cleaner is the ONLY brand I use. I’ve tried everything from store-bought to homemade and haven’t found a glass cooktop cleaner that works better than this one. (Plus I don’t have to spend 10 minutes scrubbing my stovetop so hard that my arms feel like they’re going to fall off anymore.)

2. A homemade paste for the interior

The inside of your oven needs just as much, if not more, lovin’ than the stovetop. You can easily clean the inside of your oven with a homemade paste of 1/2 cup of this soap, 1 1/2 cups baking soda, 1/4 cup white vinegar. Mix the ingredients together then wipe the paste onto the inside of your oven and let sit for the day (or overnight) then wipe clean with a sponge. Works like magic.

3. Get Angry

Use an Angry Mama to steam-clean the interior of your microwave. We lucked out in getting a microwave with a dark interior. You can’t see how dirty it is… until you clean it. And, when I do go to clean it the substances are usually very stuck on – which is where steam cleaning using water, vinegar, and an angry mama works phenomenally. (No scrubbing required.)

4. Dust tops of cupboards

Dust up high – tops of cupboards, window frames, light fixtures, and the top of the fridge. (If there’s too much dust collected up there, use a dust buster to get rid of it faster than dusting.)

5. Use Norwex cloth & water

Clean the exterior of all your kitchen appliances – the microwave, oven, fridge, toaster, kettle, dishwasher, etc. without chemicals by using the naturally disinfecting power of a Norwex cloth and some water. (It’s worth noting that these cloths are quite expensive, but they’re all I ever use because I find they’re worth their weight in gold.)

6. Vacuum fridge coils

Newer fridges have panels over the condenser coils, which work as a dust deterrent. However, older fridges have coils on the rear side that are a dust-magnet. And, when these coils get dirty it disables the refrigerant that runs through them from being able to lose heat, which can cause the compressor to overheat which in turn, can cause the compressor to stop working.

All in all, dirty fridge coils can cause your refrigerator to stop working altogether. So your safest bet is to vacuum all the dust, hair, dirt, and grime off of them at least twice a year.

(Phew, I’m glad my husband is a plumber and has the patience to explain these things to me. Otherwise I’d have no clue why the coils needed to be cleaned.)

7. Clean the dishwasher with vinegar

You’ll soon learn that vinegar is your best friend when it comes to cleaning. Place a cup of vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container and place it upright on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Select the hottest, longest cycle and turn it on. The vinegar will loosen sediment in the dishwasher and all through the pipes, keeping everything running smoothly. (Before turning the dishwasher on, locate the filter and wash it out.)

8. Clean grout

Use a grout brush and a homemade grout cleaner (1/2 cup baking soda, a squirt of dish soap, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide. Source.) to scrub the mildew from your kitchen tiles and grout.

9. Clean the hood fan

Hood fans collect a lot of grease, which attracts dust, so to keep them running efficiently you’ll want to include this in your spring cleaning. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dismantle and clean your hood fan filter.

10. Use vinegar to descale

Vinegar again, surprise, surprise. Fill your coffee maker and kettle both with one part water, one part vinegar and turn them on. Once they’ve boiled and finished brewing, dump them out and refill with just water and turn on again to remove loosened sediment and remaining vinegar.

11. Toaster tray

Toasters have a crumb tray. Locate your toaster’s crumb tray and dump it in the trash. (Hey- just to be safe, remember to unplug the toaster first.)

12. Wipe the windows & counters

Use a streak-free cloth to wipe the windows down. Take your all-purpose kitchen cleaner and wipe down the countertops.

13. Disinfect with hydrogen peroxide

Your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet. This isn’t a job for any old trusty dish soap (even my favorite brand that works for just about anything). This is a job for hydrogen peroxide. 

14. Disinfect the trash can

We all remember to take out the trash (sometimes we only remember when we can’t deny the overwhelming stench coming from it, but we remember nonetheless), but are you remembering to disinfect your trash can? Take it to the tub and throw some of that hydrogen peroxide into it. Swoosh it around and rinse it out.

15. Shine stainless steel

If you have stainless steel appliances, you know firsthand how prone to smudges and fingerprints they are.

Rub baby oil (yup, the exact same stuff you use on your baby) into the stainless steel using paper towel to create a shiny, smudge-resistant finish.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Tips

Apartment interior in white color with bright decorative elements

16. Ceiling fan – fear no more

Dust the blades of your ceiling fan with a pillowcase so you don’t knock dust down onto your head.

Stick the fan blade into the opening of the pillowcase. Once at the base of the fan, drop the top of the pillowcase onto the blade and pull back all the way to the end, this way the dust drops into the pillowcase (not onto your head).

17. Wash curtains

Remove curtains and throw them straight into the washing machine (follow any instructions applicable). Wash them and hang them out to dry. (If you’re feeling extra ambitious you can even iron them before hanging them back up.)

18. DIY blind duster

Dust blinds by placing a cleaning rag onto one tong and wrapping it around, securing with an elastic band. Place another rag onto the other side of the tong, securing again with another elastic band. Then, clamp the blind between the tongs and run from one side to the next, removing dust. 

(Or you can skip the hassle and use an actual blind duster.)

19. Disinfect the remote

You guessed it. Your TV remote is filthy. 

Remove the batteries and using rubbing alcohol along with a microfiber cloth to clean disinfect the remote.

20. Lamps

Don’t neglect the lamps. You’ve probably kept up with dusting the base of the lamp all year. But the lampshades? Right. Those need to be dusted, too. Use a lint roller to easily remove dust from lamp shades.

21. Baseboard not-your-buddy

Dusting baseboards can be miserable (I remember dragging myself and my cleaning bucket around on the floors for hours scrubbing our baseboards… you could say it was a drag), but it should be done.

Use a baseboard buddy or make your own DIY baseboard buddy by taking a large cleaning rag and placing it over the end of a broom, over the brush. Use an elastic on the broom handle to secure the cloth and get to work.

22. Polish leather

Got leather furniture? Here’s the most affordable way to polish it.

23. Carpet clean the couches

Use a handheld carpet cleaner to steam clean your cloth furniture. (I was amazed – no, disgusted – by how much dirt came out of our couches.)

24. The carpet too

You can use the same nifty tool as above to clean your carpets, too. (And you should. Carpets collect SO MUCH gunk.)

25. Wash decorative pillows

Just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean they’re clean. Throw your decorative pillows and blankets in the washing machine to freshen them up. (Follow any specific special care instructions.)

26. Handheld buddy

My Black + Decker handheld vacuum is one of my very best friends. It makes cleaning up messes easy. (And stops me from procrastinating in situations when I just don’t want to make the trip downstairs to grab my big vacuum cleaner.)

27. Dust with a used dryer sheet

Dryer sheets (yup, even used ones) have SO many more uses than simply removing static from your clothes. One prime example is to use a used dryer sheet to dust. They not only pick up dust like a normal dusting rag, but they also leave behind a dust-repelling residue (don’t worry, you can’t see it) to keep your roo, dust-free for a longer period of time.

Office Spring Cleaning Hacks

28. Color-code your files

This isn’t so much of cleaning as it is organizing, but color-coding your filing cabinet (you can use these file folders) will tame the clutter and make your life easier.

Related: 21 Daily Habits of Extremely Organized People

29. Disinfect the keyboard and mouse

Make a cloth damp with rubbing alcohol and wipe the keyboard and mouse. You’ll be glad you did.

30. Wipe desk handles

Were your hands clean every time you touched your desk handles over the year? Probably not. While you’ve got the rubbing alcohol on your cloth, give the handles a wipe, too.

31. Eliminate the paper clutter

Choose to receive e-documents rather than paper copies. This way you can keep them organized on your email, rather than having to deal with the actual papers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing them (simply store them in specific folders in your email), and if you ever need a paper copy, you can print it off.

Spruce up the Bedrooms For Spring

Spring clean the bedroom. Free printable spring cleaning checklist

32. Flip the mattress over

This way it will get even wear and tear, rather than getting sunk in in the one area that you sleep.

33. Clean the mattress

Mattresses collect a whole lot of dust, hair, and dead skin cells. After you’ve stripped the bedding off the mattress, sprinkle it with a generous layer of baking soda, let it sit for at least 2 hours (the longer, the better), then vacuum it off (using this attachment). This will also remove any moisture trapped in the mattress that would have otherwise turned to mold.

34. Wash pillows

Yellowed pillows? Not a problem. Follow these pillow washing instructions.

35. Sweet-smelling bedding

Put some bath salts or a couple drops of essential oils to the final cycle of the wash when washing your bedding for a fresh, sweet, and soothing smell. (Plus, the lavender in these bath salts will help you sleep better.)

Spring Clean the Laundry Room

36. Clean the laundry hampers

Just like garbage cans, your laundry hampers should be cleaned too. If you’ve got plastic hampers, clean them just like you would your garbage can (in the tub, with hydrogen peroxide). If you’ve got cloth/canvas hampers, remove the inserts and throw them in the washing machine.

37. Clean the dryer vent

You should regularly be cleaning your dryer filter (clogged dryer vents/filters are the cause of 34% of housefires), but during your spring clean you should be doing more than just that.

Remove the dryer filter, place an empty paper towel roll onto the end of your vacuum cleaner hose (IF you don’t have this attachment. If you do, just use that), then stick it where the vent goes and vacuum the bottom of your dryer where your hands can’t reach. (There is a surprising amount of lint that falls down here, despite the filter.)

38. Wash your washing machine

The interior of your washing machine needs some lovin’, too. Here’s a step-by-step guide to washing your washing machine.

Spring Clean the Bathroom

39. Clean the toilet tank

On top of cleaning your toilet like normal, pour one cup of vinegar into your toilet tank and allow it to mix with the water in there. Let it sit for about an hour, then flush. The vinegar will loosen sediment and any buildup in the toilet tank and in the pipes. (An alternative option is to use one of these and poke holes in the lid, fill it up with vinegar, and leave it in your toilet tank so that a little bit of vinegar is dispersed over long periods of time to keep the tank clean.)

40. Remove limescale

Fill a baggie up with lemon juice OR white vinegar and place it over the faucet or handle that has hard-water stains on it (limescale). Use an elastic band to secure the baggie and keep the faucet fully immersed. 

For tough stains, allow it to sit overnight then wipe clean.

For not-so-tough stains, simply add lemon juice or vinegar to a spray bottle and spray onto the areas with limescale, then scrub away.

**Don’t use this solution on plated taps. In this case, you’ll want to find a store-bought brand specifically for your type of tap.

41. Wash the curtain

Remove the shower curtain and throw it in the washing machine. Even plastic curtains can be washed like this (just place two bath towels in with the curtain to prevent damage).

42. Vacuum bathroom fan

Even the bathroom fan collects dust (seriously, this stuff gets everywhere). Remove the fan cover (and wash it while it’s off), then take your vacuum (I suggest using this small one so it’s not too heavy to hold above your head) and suck out the fan.

43. Streak-free mirrors

Squirt 6 tablespoons of lemon juice into a spay bottle and mix with 2 cups of water. Spray this DIY mirror cleaner onto your mirror and buff it with your streak-free window/mirror cloth.

44. Ditch the scum

That pesky, sticky layer of soap scum in your tub that refuses to come out? Use this homemade soap scum remover to get rid of it effortlessly.

Use a cleaning wand filled with one part vinegar to one part dish soap then scrub the ring away.

How to Spring Clean Everything Else

spring cleaning checklist room by room

45. Odds and Ends

Don’t forget to wipe down all the light switches, door hinges and handles, spot wash the walls, and dust light fixtures (do the dusting BEFORE anything else). You’ll also want to vacuum out air vents, change your furnace filter, test smoke alarms, and take out any trash that didn’t already get taken out.

Download your free printable spring cleaning cheat sheet

  • Download the free cheat sheet: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist. You’ll get the free printable, plus join my newsletter! Click here to download and join.
  • Print. Any printer paper works for this cheat sheet, and you can choose whether to use color or black ink, then grab a pen to start checking things off the list.
  • Keep it somewhere easy to use, like a binder or a clipboard.

Here’s a sneak peek of your printable spring cleaning checklist:

How to Spring Clean… Your turn:

I’d love to know, did we miss anything on this list of what to spring clean? What are some things you spring clean every year?

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