Spring is finally here, and with spring comes the question of how to spring clean your house properly and effectively.


There are COUNTLESS printable spring cleaning checklists that you can use to spring clean your entire house (this one’s my favorite).

But what if you just want to know HOW to make spring cleaning a bit easier this year?

A checklist won’t help you with that.

You could learn these 29 spring cleaning hacks to make cleaning your house easier, but if you’re not looking for spring cleaning tips and tricks, but are instead just looking for a simple way to spring clean your house, you’re in the right spot.

But first, the long-awaited answer to your question –

When to start spring cleaning

Whenever the urge hits you.

Of course, since some of the cleaning you’re going to be doing is outside your house (cleaning the windows), you will want to wait until the weather is bearable so you don’t freeze.

But other than that, you can start your spring cleaning whenever the urge to start hits you – you don’t have to wait until the calendar says it’s spring.

Before we jump into the how of spring cleaning, let’s go over a quick list of spring cleaning supplies you’re going to want to have on hand BEFORE you start your spring cleaning. (You don’t want to start cleaning only to realize that you don’t have everything you need!)

Spring cleaning supplies

1. Norwex cleaning cloths (I like to keep things as cheap as possible… and these clothes aren’t cheap. But, they are the one thing I shamelessly splurged on because, 1. they will last me MANY years, and 2. I can clean our house with JUST water – they clean and disinfect without the use of cleaners)

2. Or, microfiber cleaning cloths (they don’t leave streaks and are almost as good as Norwex cleaning cloths, for a fraction of the cost)

3. Magic eraser (these will remove scuff marks from your walls and baseboards, this knock-off brand works GREAT for much less than the name-brand magic erasers)

4. Vacuum and mop combo (this combo makes it so you can vacuum and mop the floors in your house with ONE tool, and in half the time)

5. Cleaning gloves (you’re definitely going to run into some places in your house that aren’t so pleasant – and you’re going to want gloves)

6. Thieves all-purpose cleaner (if you decide to go with the microfiber cloths rather than the Norwex cloths, you’re going to need a good household cleaner)

7. Blue Dawn dish soap (this dish soap can be used to clean a LOT of different things around your house, just make sure it’s the blue stuff!)

8. Rubbermaid cleaning caddy (this keeps all your cleaning supplies together without keeping your hands full)

How to spring clean your house like a professional

Now that you’ve got all your spring cleaning supplies, you’re ready to jump in and start spring cleaning your house, let’s get right to it!

6 tips to help you spring clean your house fast. How to spring clean your house fast. How to spring clean your home in one day. Free printable spring cleaning checklist. How to start spring cleaning when your house is a mess. How to clean your house when you're overwhelmed by the mess. House cleaning checklist for busy moms. Easy tips to spring clean your house today.

Spring cleaning tips for the busy mom. 6 tips to help you spring clean your house fast. How to spring clean your house fast. How to spring clean your home in one day. Free printable spring cleaning checklist. How to start spring cleaning when your house is a mess. How to clean your house when you're overwhelmed by the mess. House cleaning checklist for busy moms. Easy tips to spring clean your house today.


Have a plan

Before you start cleaning every nook and cranny of your house, you’re going to want to have a plan.

If you don’t have a plan and you’re running from room to room in your house without any real direction you’ll be creating a LOT of extra work for yourself. You’ll end up backtracking and cleaning things twice, whereas when you make a plan BEFORE you start cleaning, you’ll cut your cleaning time down significantly.

How to make a cleaning plan –

Knowing that you need a cleaning plan isn’t enough, you actually have to go ahead and make that plan if you want to get the benefits of it.

You can use a tool like this one to create your cleaning plan, or you might prefer using an old fashioned blank piece of paper and a pen.

Cleaning plans will differ from one person to the next, but as long as you have a set plan, it doesn’t much matter what that plan looks like.

Your cleaning plan should clearly outline everything in your house that needs cleaning (and no… writing “everything” on a piece of paper is not a good cleaning plan).

You can start by writing down the different rooms in your house that you’re going to need to pay special attention to (since with spring cleaning you will be cleaning virtually everything in your house, you’ll need to list every room), then write down what order you want to clean the rooms in.

(I would suggest listing the rooms in order of importance. Do you want the living room and entryways to be cleaned first since those are the main rooms guests see when they come over? Or maybe having the bedrooms cleaned is more important to you.)

YOU get to decide how you lay your cleaning plan out.

A lot of people will create vague cleaning plans in their head, then wonder why they lose track so quickly and fail to get everything done.

That’s because when we create a plan in our heads it’s a lot easier to forget, edit, and discard that plan.

It’s a lot easier to miss cleaning certain things when you’re relying on your memory rather than when you have it written out on a piece of paper that you can carry around your house with you.

It’s like when you go grocery shopping –

When you shop with a physical grocery list you’re a lot more likely to get in and out of the store faster with everything you need – no more and no less – than when your shopping list is just in your head.

The same goes for cleaning.

When you write your cleaning plan down on a piece of paper you can look over it and decide what order you’re going to clean things in and you can check things off as you go so you make sure EVERYTHING that needs getting done gets done.

This way you won’t spend time backtracking around your house to go clean something that you forgot to clean earlier when you were in that particular room.

Set goals

When it comes to spring cleaning, setting goals is a fantastic way to get things done faster.

Once you’ve created your cleaning plan and you know what all needs to be cleaned, you can work on creating goals for how you’re going to go about getting everything cleaned.

Setting goals can help you achieve a clean house faster, especially if you set timeline goals.

Timeline goals are goals like, “have the living room decluttered and cleaned by (specific date)” or, “don’t touch my phone, computer, or TV until 5 pm tonight and spend the entire day up to that point cleaning”.

I love setting goals for everything I do, especially cleaning. It helps take my mind off of the task I’m doing and focus on the goal I’m working on achieving. If I’ve set a goal to have a certain area of our house cleaned in a certain amount of time, I’m focusing on getting everything done as quickly and thoroughly as I can while focusing on beating the clock.

Using something like this will help you keep track of all your goals.

Like with your cleaning plan, don’t set goals in your head. If you do this there’s a good chance that you won’t end up achieving those goals as quickly as if they’re written down on paper (or at all). This goal setter is a #1 seller for good reason, it has helped a LOT of people not only reach the goals they set for themselves but also motivates them to be more productive while working towards the goals they’ve created (helping you achieve those goals in less time).

Break big tasks into 10-minute tasks

Standing in the doorway of a room that is overflowing with clutter and dirt is overwhelming.

Instead of looking at the entire room as a whole (a whole lot of work), break it down into small tasks that won’t take you any longer than 10 minutes to complete.

When I’m doing this, I like to use a timer like this to help me block my time. It helps me focus on the task at hand until the time is up, then I can take a break for a few minutes and come back to work on a new task for another 10 minutes.

When we try to face big tasks as a whole a lot of the time we’ll end up getting part way through the task before getting bored, distracted, or just feel done.

When that happens, we end up having a dozen half-completed tasks around our house and we haven’t made any progress.

Making things smaller and more digestible is the trick to tackling big tasks.

If you know a room is going to take you 2 hours to clean, you’re a lot more likely to procrastinate and put it off than if you tell yourself you only have to work on it for 10 minutes before you can take a break or move on to something else.

You can use your phone as a timer, but I have found I have more luck when I have a physical timer sitting in the room with me that I can easily look at. This way I can leave my phone somewhere else in the house to eliminate distractions.

Learn organization habits

You could spend all the time in the world cleaning your house, but if you don’t have some basic organization habits down pat all that time you spend cleaning is going to end up being wasted.

Cleaning and organizing go hand in hand, and knowing how to be organized is an important part of keeping your house clean for longer than just a day.

(Because who wants to spend 8 hours spring cleaning their house only to have it messy and dirty again the very next day?)

These are the top 21 habits of organized people (and how they keep organized homes).

Get rid of clutter first

Before you even take your LINKYO out of the closet and clean a foot of your floor, you need to get rid of the clutter in your house.

Cleaning a house that is filled with clutter is a thousand times more difficult than cleaning a house that is organized and uncluttered.

If you leave the clutter in your house and try to clean around it, you’ll be spending a lot more time cleaning than you need to be, and you won’t be able to get as thorough of a clean as you could get if your house wasn’t filled with all this stuff.

I know that when you think of spring CLEANING, decluttering isn’t necessarily the first thing that pops into your mind. But, you should always start with an uncluttered home before you dive head-first into cleaning it.

If you’re not sure what to get rid of, here’s a list of 20 things to declutter from your house. IF you might be a hoarder and don’t want to get rid of anything that you own, you need to read this.

Use this spring cleaning checklist

Now all that’s left to do is to get started cleaning, and to help you along your way, it’s time to grab this printable spring cleaning checklist to help you spring clean your house like a professional.

You can sign up below to have the checklist sent to your email, then all you have to do is print it off and get started to work. You’ve got this!


You have a cleaning plan and you have created cleaning goals. You’re using a timer to help you break big tasks down into small 10-minute tasks. You’ve learned how to keep your home organized and you’ve set a goal to kick the clutter in your house. You printed off your spring cleaning checklist and now you’re ready to get started.

All that’s left to do now is to follow through with it all. Get the clutter out of your house. Grab your cleaning plan and the goals you created, print off your checklist, and in no time your house is going to be sparkling like it’s new.

What are some of your favorite spring cleaning hacks? I’d love to hear from you!

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How to spring clean your house fast. How to spring clean your home in one day. Free printable spring cleaning checklist. How to start spring cleaning when your house is a mess. How to clean your house when you're overwhelmed by the mess. House cleaning checklist for busy moms. Easy tips to spring clean your house today.