Christmas is SO close.  But I know you didn’t need me to tell you that.  It’s everywhere!  People’s yards, stores, social media, and probably your own house. 

Even though it is everywhere, Christmas seems to sneak up and tackle me to the ground every single year.  

Even this year, I just don’t know where the year has gone. We’re almost rounding the corner to the new year.  But this year Christmas won’t be sneaking up on me and pouncing in a surprise attack.  This year, I am definitely going to take a few self-care steps so that I feel nourished and energized for when the festivities start and the family all comes together.  PLUS, I am following these steps to be prepared for Christmas ON TIME this year!  

No more last-minute running around trying to perfect everything.  This year I’m going to get ‘er done way before I usually do so that I can actually enjoy Christmas when it gets here.  Are you with me?  

And you know what, if some things aren’t perfect, maybe, just maybe, this year I’m going to let it slide.  Because what are the holiday’s even about?  Being Together. (and God, most importantly, obviously).  

So how can we really be together with our families while we’re running around from task to task trying to make our house and food look perfect for our guests, while our families sit and patiently wait for us to come join them? 

Don’t be that wife or mother this year.  Be the wife and mother who realizes the importance of family.  The one who realizes that the floor can have a speck of dirt on it, because rather than running to get the vacuum, you decided to sit down and play a game with your kids, or you decided that cuddling on the couch with your husband and nurturing your marriage was more important than cleaning up that speck of dirt on the floor.

Good for you.   If you’re that wife and mother, I applaud you.  If you aren’t that wife or mother but are realizing that there needs to be a change, I applaud you.

I was never that wife.  I was always concerned about my house, I wanted it to be perfect and clean.  No, I didn’t want it, I needed it.  I always wanted to have the tastiest treats around for my husband (who am I trying to kid, they were for me, too).  But it took a kind reminder (or a hundred) from my husband before I realized that I was so, so wrong.  I thought that in having a clean home and the best-baked goodies around, I was nurturing our marriage.  But that wasn’t right at all.  

I was hurting our marriage because when he came home from work, I would still be running around cleaning and doing different housework related tasks, but all he wanted was his wife.  He wanted me to come and cuddle on the couch, he wanted me to put the broom down, to be less concerned about the cleanliness and more concerned about time together.  I was wrong, and he was right.  

Boy, isn’t that every husband’s dream, to hear those words?6 Tips to Keep You Sane Through the Holidays

So this year I am taking a different approach on Christmas, this year my marriage comes before the cleanliness of my house (it always did, I just used to have a hard time realizing that what I was doing was not putting our marriage first).  

This year, I am going to do these following steps to nurture myself, and in doing so, nurture my marriage, so that we can have a more relaxed, enjoyable Christmas season.  I hope you will take time to nurture your body, and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect because what matters is that you are all together.



6 Tips to Keep You Sane Through the Holidays

Quiet time.  Whether that means taking a bubble bath and turning the lights down low, reading your favourite book, digging into the Bible, or going for a relaxing walk.  Quiet time allows you to de-stress, dump off all the obligations sitting on your shoulders and just forget about it for a while.

Bake ahead of time.  To help you not be so pinched for time right around Christmas, try baking your sweet treats ahead of time, and freezing them.  Then when you pull them out at Christmas they will still taste perfect & fresh (and your guests don’t even need to know your little secret…that they may be a few weeks old).

Go shopping mid-day on a weekday.  If you have a job that conflicts with this, maybe you can ask for a day off to tackle most, if not all, of your Christmas shopping.  How great would it be to have it all done and out of the way!  You can always do your shopping on a weekend, or an evening in the week, but malls and cities are bound to be even more hectic than usual now that we’re on the countdown for Christmas.  Shopping during the day on a weekday will enable you to miss the crowds (well, a majority of them, anyway).  And less time standing in lineups = more time to actually be spent shopping.

Spend an afternoon doing your favourite hobby.  For me, this would be crocheting.  But do what you love, maybe it’s reading, baking, walking, jogging (bless your courageous heart), swimming (indoors, I would hope!), or skating.  Do it alone or with your loved one.  As you can tell, this list is a lot of self-nourishment, but that’s what you need to do so your body is energized for the busy days ahead.

Clean your house before guests are about to arrive.  That way you’re not caught up running around like a chicken with no head from task to task.  Get it done a few days in advance (I get it, you have kids, or a husband, and it won’t stay clean if you do it a few days in advance.. But you can try) so that you aren’t flustered when guests are about to show up.

Spend an evening cuddling on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a Christmas movie.  Solo, or with your favourite human.

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