Inside: Learn how to stock a cleaning caddy that makes you excited to spend your days cleaning.

Does the thought of a deep clean make you shudder? You want a neat and beautiful space, but it seems like an eternity of soul-crushing scrubbing, vacuuming, and decluttering away. 

How to make cleaning easier? 

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite tips: 

Stock up a handy, grab-and-go cleaning caddy. 

That’s it? 

Of course, a caddy won’t magically make you want to dust, wash, and polish all day. But, there are still countless benefits of stocking a housekeeper caddy. 

Read on to learn: 

  • Why I think every homemaker needs a cleaning caddy
  • How to choose and stock your own cleaning caddy
  • How to organize your cleaning supplies
  • What products I recommend for saving time and money, as well as simplifying your cleaning


Why You Need a Cleaning Caddy 

A grab-and-go caddy can help you banish clutter, save time, and motivate you to clean. Here’s why it works so well: 

  • Enables you to organize your cleaning tools and products. By keeping everything in one place, you eliminate clutter, and you can keep only what you actually use. 
  • Speeds up your cleaning process because you won’t have to run back and forth around the house to get supplies. This way, you not only save time, but you also make cleaning easier and less exhausting. Plus, you can do speed cleans in record time – just grab your caddy and tackle the mess on the go. 
  • Helps you keep stock of products because you have everything in the caddy. You can easily keep track of what you have and what you’re getting low on. 
  • Motivates you to clean by making cleaning more efficient and less of an energy-sucker. 

Plus, a pretty cleaning caddy makes cleaning more pleasant and (at least a little bit) more fun. 

Are you ready to start stocking yours? Here’s everything you need for a beautiful and functional DIY cleaning caddy: 

What Makes a Good Cleaning Caddy

The right cleaning caddy is comfortable to carry around.

If it’s too heavy or hard to move, you’re less likely to use it. That’s why lightweight models with an easy-to-hold grip are your best bet. 

> It Needs a Handle 

When picking your cleaning caddy, make sure it has a handle. A comfortable grip is a must, and so is a sturdy construction. All of the cleaning caddy’s weight lies on the handle – make sure it won’t break down by choosing a thicker grip. 

> Big, Not Bulky

Choose a roomy basket that can fit all your essentials, but avoid bulky models. If you’re ordering online, measure out the storage space where you want to put your caddy.

Some options for cleaning caddy storage include: 

  • Under the sink 
  • In your laundry room 
  • In a dedicated cleaning supplies closet 
  • On one of your bathroom shelves

When choosing your “hiding spot”, make sure the caddy is out of reach for pets and children but easy enough to get at for adults. 

> Divided Into Sections

To keep your items organized, go for a caddy with different compartments or some sort of dividers. This way, you can keep stock of your products with a single glance.

Plus, a neat caddy is a pretty caddy, and a pretty caddy is a caddy you’re more likely to use. 

> Fits Your Style

Finally, the right cleaning caddy matches your preferences. Pick a vintage-looking metal caddy or a wooden handle model to fit right in with your décor. Who says a cleaning caddy has to be hidden away? 

The Top 3 Cleaning Caddies

What are some housekeeper caddies that tick all the boxes? Here are the best products in the category, plus a pros and cons comparison to help you decide if they’re right for you. 

MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy with Handle

Easily my favorite caddy on Amazon, the MobileVision model comes with a bunch of perks: 

  • Spacious enough for all your supplies. 
  • Divided into compartments to keep your items organized. 
  • Comfortable built-in handle
  • Eco-friendly bamboo for a sustainable and sturdy product.

But, this caddy does have some downsides: 

  • Priced at just over $40, it’s on the more expensive side as far as caddies go. 
  • It might be a bit too bulky for storing in small cabinets. Double-check the dimensions (13.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 7 inches) before buying. 

Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy

This budget-friendly caddy will organize your cleaning supplies and help you transport them easily. It’s main advantages include: 

  • Inexpensive but high-quality. 
  • Sturdy model to securely hold your items. 
  • Divided into eight compartments for easy organization. 

The main downside of the Rubbermaid caddy is the way it looks. The black plastic design is far from the most stylish option. 

Some users have also complained that the grip can be uncomfortable with heavier items. While probably won’t happen with cleaning supplies, it all depends on the size and weight of your items. 

mDesign Plastic Portable Storage Organizer

This versatile storage basket organizes your supplies and looks beautiful in storage. Here are the main perks of choosing it: 

  • Two separate compartments to keep your tools and products neat (but still give you some flexibility as to what you can store.)
  • Safe and stylish solid wood handle
  • Drainage holes at the bottom to keep your items dry and clean and prevent mold from growing.
  • Sturdy, shatter-free plastic

The only con of this caddy is its size. Compared to other options, this basket is smaller so you’ll have to be selective with the supplies you want to keep. 

Cleaning Caddy vs Cleaning Apron

Aprons are another option to keep your supplies neat and within reach. Here are some of the perks of cleaning aprons:

  • Products are easy to carry and always on hand. The apron protects your clothes from dirt and cleaning product spills.
  • Since there is nothing to carry, you have both of your hands free. 

But, there are a some cons to cleaning aprons: 

  • They limit your movement, getting in the way when you bend over (e.g. to clean the toilet.)
  • Bottles and supplies can get heavy, putting pressure on your back and shoulders, or tearing the apron material. 
  • Aprons get dirty quickly and have to be washed often. 
  • A cleaning apron doesn’t help you store products efficiently; it just carries them around. 

For all these reasons, I’ll always choose a cleaning caddy over an apron, which almost creates more problems than it solves. 

Here’s the top stylish and functional cleaning apron for women.

What to Put In a Cleaning Caddy?

Now that you have your caddy, it’s time to stock it up. You might be asking yourself: 

What cleaning supplies do I need? 

First, start by considering what cleaning items you actually use. A cleaning caddy can help you declutter and organize your items, only keeping the ones that serve you well. 

To help you out, I created a simple checklist for cleaning essentials. Whether you’re stocking from scratch or selecting supplies you already have, these products and tools are a must: 

Cleaning Products 

Multi-use products can make your life easier and your caddy neater (and emptier). Not to mention that buying one, multi-purpose product, means you’ll save money and you can invest in higher-quality, more natural products. 

  • All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner in a lightweight spray bottle is every homemaker’s best friend.

Use it to: 

  • Clean and polish your countertops.
  • Mop your floors.
  • Wipe away any grease from the stove (and other surfaces in your kitchen).
  • De-gunk your bathroom tiles and faucets. 

One of my favorite products is Better Life’s Natural All-Purpose Cleaner because it’s 100% plant-based, safe around children, and free from harmful chemicals. 

  • Glass Cleaner

While an all-purpose cleaner can be used on glass, for the best outcome, you’ll want to get a dedicated product.

Again, I’m a huge fan of Better Life’s products to make my windows sparkle without worrying about ammonia or other nasty additives. 

  • Tub and Tile Cleaner

Do you have deep-set gunk in your bathrooms?

A great tub and tile cleaner can make them shine again. Try the Soft Scrub Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser for a heavy-duty Oxi clean or the Better Life option for a milder product you can use around kids and pets. 

  • Disinfectant Wipes

Germ-banishing wipes are a life-saver for quick but efficient cleaning. They barely take up any space in your caddy, they’re lightweight, and you can use them on all sorts of surfaces. 

Related: The Best Reusable Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is not only used in the kitchen, it’s also a versatile cleaning product you can use around your house.

Use it to scrub away gunk while protecting easy-to-scratch surfaces.

Put it on a damp sponge to remove mildew from bathrooms, throw it on a grill brush to clean your barbecue, or use it to wipe grime from well-loved toys – the safe, chemical-free way. 

  • White Vinegar

Vinegar is antibacterial, antifungal, and it banishes grease from virtually every surface.

You can use your regular, salad-dressing vinegar or invest in a higher-acidity cleaning vinegar.

For a natural, multi-surface cleaner, mix two parts of water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Add your favorite essential oil to your homemade cleaner to cut the unpleasant smell.

Lemon essential oil can be used to disinfect and deodorize household surfaces.

Cleaning Tools 

Choosing lightweight tools with multiple uses will simplify your routine (and make sure your caddy is easy to carry). Luckily, most of the cleaning tool essentials fit that description. 

The only exception is your mop and bucket, vacuum cleaner, as well as your toilet brush.

But, if you live in a smaller space, there are plenty of non-bulky options for these tools. For instance, you can choose a handheld or stick vacuum, or invest in a robot to save time and energy. 

Find the very best handheld and robot vacuums for under $100, here.

Exceptions aside, here are the essentials to include in your caddy: 

Sponges are compact, absorbent, and they can do away with a lot of gunk. Using these abrasive double-sided sponges will maximize your grime-fighting power.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are much more sustainable than paper towels. Plus, since they’re multi-use and easy to clean in the washer, microfiber cloths also wind up saving you money.

Spray some multi-purpose cleaner on the cloths and use to wipe away dust and stains from counters, cabinets, and even gentle surfaces like porcelain. 

For a more environmentally-friendly clean, use these specific cleaning cloths that use just water to clean surfaces.

  • Expandable Duster

Dusting can be tedious and energy-consuming, especially if you have a lot of hard-to-reach surfaces.

That’s why I recommend keeping an expandable duster in your cleaning caddy so you can dust as you go.

This under $10 bendable model is my favorite for cleaning high ceilings, banishing cobwebs, and even reaching into AC vents. 

  • Grout Brush & Cleaner

Use a brush to reach and scrub away any grime stuck on your tile grout.

While baking soda can help milder cases, for severe grout buildup use this specific tile cleaner.

If you notice any mold, tackle it with an antifungal product before it spreads. Just make sure to read the safety precautions to avoid dangerous fumes. 

  • Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser is such a compact and versatile product that you have no excuse not to use it.

From banishing crayon masterpieces on walls to making your oven door shine again, the Magic Eraser pads are effective and free from harmful chemicals. 

  • Blind Cleaner

A blind cleaner helps you effortlessly keep your blinds dust-free. This model has washable microfiber sleeves to reduce dust fallout and speed up your dusting, plus it’s compact enough to fit right into your cleaning caddy.

  • Lint Roller

If you have pets or a lot of dark-colored furniture, keeping a lint roller in your caddy is a life-changer. Simply run it over the couch, cushions, lampshades, or drapes to get rid of any unsightly hairs. 

  • Gloves

Some cleaning tasks are plain nasty, while others involve products that can hurt your skin.

To protect your hands and nails, make sure always to have a pair of rubber gloves in your caddy.

Bonus points if you get them in your favorite color. Call me superficial, but I know I’m more likely to clean if my supplies are pretty. 

  • Garbage Bags

Clean and declutter as you go by keeping garbage bags in your caddy. Depending on the size of your home, you might want smaller size bags that you can carry as you clean. 

Cleaning Supplies That Save Time

A housekeeper caddy isn’t the only way to simplify your cleaning. Try these time-saving products for an effortlessly neat space: 

  • Angry Mama Steam Cleaners degunk your microwave with minimal effort. Just fill the body with water and some lemon juice (or vinegar) and let the microwave run. The steam will break down grease buildup, leaving you with a clean and shiny inside. 
  • Robot vacuums are small, silent, and get the cleaning done for you. Inexpensive options start at $100, while a mid-range option will set you back between $150 and $200. 
  • No-scrub toilet bowl cleaners disinfect and refresh your bathroom with minimal effort. Try the Kaboom Continuous Clean, a system that cleans the bowl with every flush (for up to 90 days).
  • Drill scrub brushes are a pretty heavy-duty solution, but they’ll get your challenging scrubbing done in no time, with no sweat from you.

See the best affordable robotic vacuum cleaners, here.

Do you use a cleaning caddy at home? Share your best tips for making the most of it in a comment below!

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