Your Husband’s Dirty Socks ARE Important

After a blogging dry-spell that turned from a few days into a few weeks I was given inspiration just the other night while I was praying over the rooms of our house.

As my husband had the day off from work we had a great time relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, and having a lazy day inside.  As we were winding down from the day my husband and I started watching a movie. 

Something to do with a deer that got hit by cars but didn’t die..?  (Clearly I didn’t stay long enough to figure out what the movie was about).  Not my type of movie at all, so I decided what better time than now to do my quiet time with the Lord. 

As I sauntered into the living room and got cozy on the couch I saw something that caught my eye; a blog post called Are You Praying Over Your Home? by Creative Home Keeper.  Her post is filled with so much truth. 

We seem to often find ourselves praying for things outside our home like safety for our husbands at work, safety for those traveling the roads, that we would be a light to those around us and to people we come across at the grocery store or wherever it may be. 

But how often do we stop and pray for our home?  Inside the four walls that keep a roof safely over our heads.  It is a place where we spend a majority of our time.  A place that our husbands come home from work and either walk into a house that has a cold front and an angry wife, or a home that smells of cookies and is warm and inviting to come into after a long day of work.

Needless to say, I am hooked.  I love the idea of praying over the rooms in our home.

While praying over the laundry room, (a room that I nearly skipped praying over since, well, it’s the laundry room..) and thanking the Lord for our resources and ability to easily wash and dry our dirty clothes, especially the hubby’s dirty work socks, to rid them of the stench, it dawned on me. 

Those very stinky socks are a blessing in disguise.  They are proof in my very hands that my husband is blessed with a job.  A job that challenges him, a job he works hard at, even though it is not the most amazing job and it isn’t our dream, it is a stepping stone along our journey. 

His dirty socks show me that God has provided for us this far and He will continue to provide for us into the future where things look uncertain.  We are blessed to have this job that makes it possible for us to put food on the table, a job that allows us to have a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in at night.

Those dirty socks, though I used to moan and groan to myself while simultaneously trying to pull them right side out (I learned the hard way when washed inside out they hardly get washed at all), and trying not to take any deep breaths, are proof that we are overflowing with blessings.  We are living a life that some dream of.

So next time you’re tempted to march up to your husband with those stinky, inside-out socks, be reminded of the blessings you have, the God who takes care of you and your family and provides all that you need.

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