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If you have ever gotten stressed out over the very thought of meal planning, raise your hand.

I absolutely love to cook, if you put me in a kitchen there’s no taming me!  When Riley and I got married I was so excited, I finally got to cook for myself and someone else.  I could try any crazy meals I wanted, buy any groceries I wanted ( $ ouch ), and just fly by the seat of my pants.  I never knew what we were having for supper in advance, I was a very last minute decision kind of person.  But that meant a lot of last minute trips to the grocery store because when I went grocery shopping I would just get the basics, I didn’t know what I would need for supper for the next week so I just shopped as I needed stuff.

Bad. Idea.

I soon realized how high our grocery bill was from all that last minute running to the store to pick “just a few things” up.  I decided it was not right, that us, a family of 2, was spending such a high amount on groceries.

That’s when I decided to try meal planning.  I tried for a while and failed miserably.  I would work out meals for the week, but of course I would be Pinteresting away and find something that I just had to make, so I just ended up making my last minute meals again and again.  It got stressful trying to balance a grocery bill yet keep my free spirit in the kitchen (ha-ha).

Finally, it was time to get serious about meal planning.  I found a blog that outlined specifically yet simply how to stick to a meal plan, and it’s been working great!  I now plan for a whole month in advance, I go grocery shopping 4 times a month, two big trips to get everything I need for the next two weeks of meals, and two small trips in-between to get the basics that I may have run out of.  It has been working out great for me, and when I find meals I just have to make I raid my pantry/fridge/freezer to see if I have ALL the ingredients for it on hand, and if I do then perfect, I just switch out one of my next meals for this.  And if I don’t have all the ingredients needed, then I get to work on my patience and just write it down for the next time I go grocery shopping.

Talk to your husband, kids, roommate, etc and find out what foods they like.  Write down a list and feel free to modify it!  The whole point is to be prepared, buy your food in advance and to cut out those last-minute grocery store trips!  And I can’t stress enough… make a list.  When you go shopping always go with a list!  It helps you stay on track and not go around buy this and that, just in case.

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Give meal planning a whirl, you might end up loving it.  Don’t lose faith if you don’t succeed at first, it’s something that took me months to get used to, but when you finally do it is so rewarding.

I’d love to hear your meal planning tips and tricks, feel free to send me an email and get in touch.

Happy meal planning!

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