With Easter coming up I’m willing to bet your schedule is pretty full. From trying to convince yourself to finally do that much-needed spring cleaning, to brainstorming for fun things to do this Easter, and everything in between, your days are pretty full.

When it comes to Easter activities, they are countless. There are so many fun and creative ways that you can incorporate the resurrection of Jesus into your Easter activities, and make it not only fun for your kids, but also teach them the importance of the day.

One of the most common and well known Easter activities is, of course, Easter egg hunting.

While kids do love Easter egg hunts and all the fun that comes with them, and of course getting lots of chocolate and candy (especially when it’s incorporated into a hunt!), some parents are looking for healthier Easter basket ideas for their kids. Things to fill Easter baskets with that aren’t just chocolate and candy.

Although chocolate is one of the easiest ways to fill kids Easter baskets, I would have to agree that it is not the healthiest option out there, and there are so many other fun and exciting things that kids would love to get (that they won’t devour and be done with in just 5 minutes flat).

If you are that parent that wants to find things to put into Easter egg hunts and fill kids Easter baskets with other than chocolate, I have compiled a list of some kid-friendly things that are healthier and will last longer than chocolate.


(PS – you’ll need a cute Easter basket like this one for your kids to put all their stuff into.)

60+ Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas Kids Will Love

What are some of your favorite non-candy Easter basket fillers for your kids?


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Over 60 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas That Kids Will Love
Over 60 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas That Kids Will Love

Over 60 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas That Kids Will Love For a Healthier Easter