Inside: Learn the very best home organization products you need to have on hand for effortless organizing, straight from the expert’s mouths.

You want to start tidying up, but how do you start when your entire house is a mess? 

Some days just looking at the overwhelming mess of paper clutter, clothes, and kids toys that scatter the floor is enough to send you running for the hills. 

You know you want an organized home, but you don’t know how to get there because you’ve wasted so much time trying to get organized with nothing to show for it.

Getting Organized When You’re Overwhelmed

Being overwhelmed by the mess in your house is nothing unique. 

In fact, Psychology Today states that on top of adding feelings of guilt to our lives (“I should be more organized”), mess makes us feel anxious because we don’t know what it’s going to take to get through to the bottom of the pile.

Another study found that women with cluttered and messy homes were far more stressed out than women who considered their homes neat and tidy.

Home Organization Tips

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your house, we reached out to 29 home organization experts to get their very best tips for keeping the home organized, easily and effortlessly. 

We asked each and every one of these home organization experts to answer one vital question:

What are your favorite products and tools for keeping your house organized?

We received a large number of answers that are all a great way to keep your home organized when you’re busy. Don’t worry about trying to do it all (you’ll just get even more overwhelmed). Take what works for you, and leave the rest.


Home Organization Products You Need, According to the Experts

Here are the top 3 home organization products that these experts love to use in their home organization routines:




Now, here are all the secrets these home organization experts are sharing with you today.

What are your favorite products and tools for keeping your house organized?


My absolute favorite home organization product is a miscellaneous basket.

A miscellaneous basket is simply a basket (or container) that lives in the highest-traffic areas of the house and collects out-of-place items throughout the day.

Instead of having those items scatter the floor, coffee table, or kitchen counter, they placed into the basket. At the end of the day, we go around and empty the basket, putting the item back away in their permanent home.

Using a miscellaneous basket helps keep our home looking organized throughout the day by keeping small knick-knacks that have a tendency to scatter the floor contained.

Grab a miscellaneous basket, here.


My absolute favorite thing for organizing our house are plastic storage bins from the dollar store. They have every size, shape, and color you could ever want, so you can use them for pretty much everything. 

I have a whole post about how I organize our chest freezer using colored dollar store bins, but I also use them for makeup, kids toys, in our “junk drawer” in the kitchen, in the pantry, under the sinks in the bathrooms—pretty much everywhere! 

The other system I really love for organizing in spaces where brightly colored plastic bins aren’t really part of the aesthetic is the KALLAX cube storage system from IKEA. 

The shelving units come in a variety of configurations, and there are tons of bins, drawers, shelves, and drawers that are made to fit within the cubes to help you maximize the space. 

I love the 2×4 and 1×4 ones the best; I lay them down and use them as window seats in my girls’ room, or I stand them up and use them like bookshelves. I put fabric bins in the cubes so even the toddler can get at her toys independently, and she can help put them away!

Find affordable cube storage, here.


glass spray bottles – they make cleaning cute and keep things organized
microfiber cleaning cloths – make cleaning up counters and bathrooms a breeze
clipboards – keep lists and to-dos tidy
sink side trays – for keeping items at the sink orderly


One of my favourites are Ziplock Space Saver Bags – now that we have a 2 year old, we have 24 months of cloths, toys and baby supplies stocked up, and we have found the best way to keep our stuff organized is to put them in space saver bags and carve out some room to store in the basement. 


My favorite products or tools for keeping our house organized are bins, baskets and containers and my label maker!!!


My favorite tool for keeping a home organized is a label-maker.

I’ve been using an old Brother version for years, but lately I’m lusting after a Cricut. It may seem a bit over the top, but I’ve found that labeling containers stops my kids (and me) from rifling around in them to find stuff.

Without labels, someone always forgets to put stuff back into the four or five containers they searched through, and that leaves a huge mess for me to deal with. 

But — and hear me out — I also label some shelves to make it easy for my family to put things away in the right spot. 

Shelves in my pantry, for instance, have labels like “Canned vegetables” or “dry pasta.”

When the labels are on the shelf, like in the pantry, it’s not to help anyone find what they’re looking for, it’s so they know where to put things after we go grocery shopping so I can find them when I’m trying to make dinner in a hurry.

Get an affordable label maker, here.


I honestly try to use as few organizing tools and products as possible — I’d rather just have LESS STUFF to organize! 🙂 

That said, I’m a big fan of large clear plastic tubs with lids that latch (we use these exact tubs).

We have about a dozen of them in our storage closet and use them for everything from holiday decorations and extra bedding to memorabilia, next-size-up clothing, and even extra light bulbs! 

They stack wonderfully, the lid stays securely in place, and I can quickly and easily see what’s inside. 


My top favorite products are:

Roomba (I haven’t vacuumed in years because of this).
A three basket laundry sorter with a hanging bar on top (on amazon for about $40).
• An instant pot. 
Toaster tongs (so cheap and we use them almost every day).
• Home success planner. 


I’m a huge fan of products to create a home command center since paper piles are such a frustration for so many people.

I especially like wall pockets like this and gorgeous file tote bags like this.


This may sound surprising, but my favorite tools for keeping my home organized are a paper planner and a pen. I use my planner to plan and keep track of important household tasks, dates, and reminders.  

Find the perfect planner for your family, here.


I don’t really have organization products that I use, as I’ve found it’s easy to organize if I only have a limited amount of things.

But one that has made a difference is a hinged picture frame for the kids.

I just got it off Amazon, it holds 30 pieces of paper (maybe more?) and that is where they store their artwork that they want to be displayed.

When it’s full, we sort it and take a picture of the artwork and the child together and then put the papers into recycling.

They normally hold onto their favorites and keep them in the picture frame.


For me, there are 3 items I love for organising my home.

Firstly – I think a simple A4 folder works wonders for lots of different home organising projects, and isn’t expensive, which is always a bonus!

I like using 4 ring binders as they are more sturdy, and use them for easy filing (one category per folder), creating a family recipe book, storing kids art and certificates – and loads more.

They can be purchased in loads of different colours and styles, so you can make a really gorgeous looking display in a bookcase as well. That makes things really handy to grab, but not just functional – stylish too!

Secondly – large baskets. These can be put in the living room or a bedroom to house cushions and throws when not in use, or toys (easy to throw them in when finished which means more likely to actually tidy away!). 

Lastly – labels. Whether it be a simple luggage tag style tied onto a basket, or a sticker, or even just writing with a permanent pen – labelling things means everyone in the house can see where things go – making it easy to put things away AND find them again.


A lot of my cleaning is done in short bursts of time here and there, since I usually don’t have the energy and time to clean the whole house at once.

So, often I’m grabbing a few disinfecting wipes and giving counters, toilets and sometimes floors (for spot cleaning) a quick wipe.

I love magic erasers for tougher jobs like marks on the wall and grimy shower doors, and vinegar soaked paper towels help dissolve hard water stains around all of my faucets!

Scrubbing my glass stove top with baking soda and water keeps it looking new! 

Learn how to make reusable homemade disinfecting wipes, here.


There are so many tools and products available to help with organizing your home.  Sometimes I think choosing from all those options is almost as overwhelming as actually doing the organizing. 

But over the years there have been a few tools I’ve found to be a huge help in helping me organize our home and keep it that way. 

The first are cardboard boxes or plastic bags, I just use whatever we have on hand. 

I keep a few in our front closet so that I can quickly add items I’ve decluttered to them. When we’re heading out near our closet donation center I can grab the bag or box and take it with me. 

Next, I like to keep a small assortment of baskets and bins in different sizes on hand for those organizing needs that pop up when you least expect it. 

Having a few items from the dollar store or a few nice baskets to pull from makes tackling those smaller projects so much easier. 

The last tool on my go-to list my planner or Google calendar.

Organizing isn’t just a once and done, but without scheduling the upkeep I tend to forget about that part.  So I schedule regular maintenance tasks as far ahead as I can.

This helps me make sure I’ve set aside time to ensure our systems are actually working for us, to tidy the space, and make any changes that are needed.


When it comes to organization I am a big fan of bins.

They are an easy way to keep like items together so I can find them when I need them.

While I have all kinds of bins for different areas, my favorites are the clear plastic sweater boxes from The Container Store. They are affordable and being able to see what’s in a box before I even get it out is helpful.

I use them in many different areas of my house and seem to always be adding to my collection.


Some of my favorite products for staying organized at home is definitely a label maker for labeling containers, boxes, drawers, and baskets.

A label maker is probably the best investment that you can make if you are thinking about organizing your home.

I also think that investing in a closet (like those from Ikea) that has plenty of storage space, and various compartments for clothing, shoes, and jewelry, is a lifesaver when it comes to having an organized and beautiful looking closet.


I have two favorite tools for keeping my house organized—a timer, and baskets.

I set a timer when I need to work on organizing an area but I’m lacking motivation. I’m always amazed at what can be accomplished in just 15 minutes a day!

And, I use baskets (plastic or natural materials, either one works) to sort items into when I’m doing an organizing session. I also use them to keep things organized on shelves or in closets.


My planner and my weekly plan sheet help keep everything in my home organized.

I use them to help me keep up with big projects, and remember important home management tasks.

How to create a simple home management plan


I’m a big believer in the “be creative and use what you have” philosophy, but of course, opt for store-bought items when it’s going to work better than what you have, meaning it’s going to look better esthetically (if that matters to you), or help you have time, help you be more productive, etc.

For the store-bought tools products, here are three of my favorites:

They keep everything sorted, making it easy to locate items, and help to ensure your drawers aren’t overstuffed.

I’m more of an “everything in” person, meaning I prefer everything to be inside bins, behind closed doors, etc. I believe this minimalistic philosophy helps one to be more organized, and it “looks” that way, as well, to others.

You can leave these out in plain sight, or use them on closet shelves.

It’s much easier to keep cabinets, countertops, etc. neat when you don’t have things so spread out. These shelves double your storage, without the need for doubling your space.


My favorite products for organizing are wicker baskets, honeycomb organizers, and draw dividers.


My favorite product for keeping organizing around the house is magazine holders.

I think they come in handy for just about anything!

I use them with clients to hold kids’ drawing papers and color books together in an art cart, or use as a filing system for bills and papers in mud rooms or as a collect-all for mail!

Grab your magazine holders, here.


I have a few favorite products and tools for organizing my home.

My favorite product of all time is Ikea Variera bins. They are inexpensive and work just about anywhere in the house.

I use them in our pantry, linen closet, and throughout the kitchen. They work great to store things like the parts for my KitchenAid mixer.

I love that I can store everything together and just grab a bin when I need something.

I use my Silhouette Cameo (by far my favorite organizing tool) to label the bins so it is easy to find which bin I need quickly.

Plus, with everything easily labeled it is easy to make sure everything goes back to where it needs to be.

Together these two products have helped me keep an organized home and made it easy for my whole family to know where everything goes. 

Start organizing with a silhouette cameo, here.


I am pretty passionate that organization doesn’t need to be expensive. My favorite organization products are ridiculously cheap! 

I use empty clementine boxes to keep my cabinets and shelves neat and tidy.

I fact, I love them so much that I’m keeping every single one and packing them all up for an upcoming long distance move. 

A runner-up favorite organization product are 16 qt. Room Essentials Clear Sweater Boxes with Lids. You can get them at Target most of the time, but more readily during back to school season.

They are stackable, easy to see the contents and normally $2.50 each.


My number one favourite tool for getting and staying organized is having less stuff!

When you clear the clutter and have less stuff, it’s so much easier to get your home organized and keep it that way.

Beyond decluttering and simplifying your home, my next favourite organizing tool is using containers to help divide spaces like drawers, shelves, closets and cupboards and give each item an individual home.

When everything has a clearly defined home, it’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for. And put it away when you’re done so you can find it next time too!

You can use so many different things as containers to get organized. It doesn’t have to cost a lot either!

My favourite source for containers for organizing is re-purposing boxes and containers from other things we buy and use, like electronics and empty food containers. It’s fun to get creative and try to use what you have to get the spaces in your home organized, functional and easy to maintain.

Not only do containers help give items a home to keep spaces organized and orderly, but they can also help hide things to reduce visual clutter in the space too.

As long as you’re not using baskets, bins or containers to hide clutter of course!

Always declutter first, then organize what’s left in a way that works for you, your home and your preferences.


One of my favorite products for keeping my house organized are turntables or lazy susans. 

I use them in almost every room of our home to keep organized. In our kitchen, we use them in deep corner cabinets to easily be able to reach anything we put in that cabinet.

In my laundry room, we use them in our deep cabinet to store stain removers and clean products that we don’t use on a daily basis.

And in our bathrooms, I use them to hold all of my beauty and hair products that I keep on my vanity. They are a lifesaver and make keeping things corralled, organized, and easy to reach.


I’m a firm believer in the simplest solution generally being the best.

In fact, I might go so far as to say that I’m opposed to complex, multi-compartment, extravagant organizers and sorters.

I have literally used shoeboxes as my kids’ underwear “drawer” and cell phone boxes as drawer sorters.

Having said that, I’m a total nerd for large decorative flip-top boxes with magnetic closures! I use these in the office to hold all of my office and virtual meeting supplies (even the external webcam).

I initially bought them years ago as a memory box experiment to hold my kids’ memories and artwork (which has worked like a total charm for years now).

Plus they’re just really cute. You can get them at Ross for a steal and they hold up well.

Plus, I appreciate that there’s no separate lid to shove on. So, you’re really only able to keep what truly fits in the box.


My favorite tools for keeping my house clean and organized are my Daily 10 Minute Declutter and my 1 Minute Routines which include unloading the dishwasher every morning and loading the dishwasher every evening, quick cleaning my bathrooms and my nightly family room pick up.

My fave products are organizing bins in all sizes from the dollar store to sort and contain items in my closets and cabinets.


My favorite products and tools to stay organized are foldable storage cubes and the big plastic containers you can find at Walmart.

I’ve noticed most people just have things lying around that they don’t need or use often. The foldable storage cubes provide a visually appealing solution that can be placed anywhere in the home.

The big plastic containers are great for storing in a garage or closet.


I believe that organizing the house should not be too expensive or hard.

For this, I prefer using the old boxes and cartons lying in the house to keep small items like shoes, books, extra cushions, toys, etc.

If there’s an old ladder, it can be converted into an organizer for blankets and throws.

Make the best use of space under the bed and tables to hide away stuff, and use more hooks in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to hang things away from the reach of kids.

I also like to invest in a few space-saving products to keep my house clutter-free.

Find. the top space-saving products, here.

Thank you so much to all these expert organizers for contributing and sharing their best home organization secrets!

Let me know in the comments below something new that you learned from this home organization expert roundup. And, if your home organization tips weren’t included here, feel free to share them with everyone in a comment below!

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