As summer is coming to an end and you’re gearing up to start everything back to school (or maybe you’re mega prepared and have already started back to school shopping and organizing), sometimes it can feel like no matter how much you try and rack your brain – you’re always forgetting something. Use this list of 7 ways to prepare for back to school to help you ensure you’re not forgetting anything.

Whether that’s something as obvious as new pencils for your child’s first days back to school, or something not so obvious like binder dividers, it’s likely there might be something you’re forgetting.

Do you love this back to school season and all the hype and business it brings, or do you prefer the simpler times when you were able to lay in the sun with your family without having to worry about packing lunches for the next day or making sure your kids got all their homework done?

Though back to school is always a busy season, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

To help you start your back to school shopping and organizing off on the right foot, I have put together a great little printable checklist for you to print off and mark off as you go.

That way you can ensure you don’t buy doubles of something by forgetting you already bought it, ensuring you don’t buy stuff you already have laying around the house, and to help you eliminate as much back to school stress as possible.


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The best way to ease the stress when you feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done before your kids go back to school is to stop, sit down, and make a list.

Whether that’s a shopping list of all the supplies your kid will need for going back to school or a list of stuff that you need to get done around the house before your kid is off to school again.

Lists help you keep yourself accountable by being a constant reminder of what needs to be done, but allowing you to do it at your own pace. Lists also give you the peace of mind that you’re not forgetting anything.

When you solely rely on remembering things that need to get done and things that you need to buy, there’s a good chance you will end up forgetting a thing or two and you’ll end up spending more time trying to remember it than if you were to just sit down and create a list in the first place.

Creating a back to school shopping list (or using the one provided here) will help you spend money on only the things you need. If you go into the stores blindly there’s a good chance that the many sale banners that boast they have the best prices in town will get the best of you and you’ll end up buying something that you actually didn’t need. And how are you supposed to know whether you need it or not if you don’t have a list? That is why shopping with a list is extremely important any time you go shopping, not just for back to school shopping.


Before you even start your back to school shopping, it’s important that you go through your house and take inventory of everything you already have.

You may be surprised by the large amount of carry-over stock you still have left from last year’s back to school shopping.

From cases of unused pencils to spare lunch boxes lying around your house, there’s a good chance you won’t have to buy everything on your back to school shopping list.

Take inventory of your house after you have created your back to school shopping list, but before you actually go back to school shopping. Then, cross items off of your list as you find them in your house.

You might even be able to bring that multi-page back to school shopping list down to a single page.


Back to school isn’t here just yet, take this time before your kid goes back to school to do something fun together as a family. That might be a spontaneous weekend road trip or just a fun trip to the beach.

Make time in your busy schedule to stop stressing over back to school and just enjoy this day. Tomorrow comes soon enough, learn to focus on today, and do something together as a family while your child is still out of school.


Okay, sitting down and planning a whole school year’s worth of lunches in one sitting does not sound fun, and that’s not what I’m saying you should do, either. Instead, you should get an idea of what you are going to be doing for your children’s lunches throughout the year.

When will be the best time of day for you to make their lunches, or will you figure it out from day to day. Will you make the lunches yourself, will you have your kids help you, or will you have your kids make their lunches on their own?

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If it weren’t for my calendar, I am sure I wouldn’t make it to even half the appointments and events going on. If I don’t mark something down on my calendar, I usually forget it before the day is over, so I have started making a habit of writing things down on my phone’s calendar as soon as I make a plan or appointment and setting a reminder at a specific time before the event so I can ensure I have enough time to get ready for it, even if I already forgot about it.

Start marking your calendar with all of your kid’s school activity and events so you can ensure you don’t forget about them. This also lifts the stress of having to remember events off of your shoulders.


To help your kid stay in the routine of getting their homework done, rather than them sitting in their room doing their homework and getting distracted by stuff, consider designating a certain spot in your house to a homework station.

Somewhere that is in the open and near wherever you are in case they need help with their homework.


I don’t know about you, but I am crazy about checklists. I love the satisfaction I get when I am able to cross something off of my list. I also love that I don’t have to worry about remembering everything because it’s all written down on my list.

Use the checklist provided to help you prepare for all things back to school.


The back to school season is often one of the busiest times of the year, but this year you can eliminate some of that back to school stress by following these 7 steps on how to prepare for back to school, and use the provided printable back to school shopping checklist to ensure you are getting everything you need.

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