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Do you have free time?  What do you do with it?  To help you get up and not let your days go to waste – here are 30 simple and productive things to do with your free time.

While there is nothing at all wrong with just spending some down time with your loved ones when you have a spare moment, sometimes it can feel nice to do something productive with your time.

You might have a large abundance of free time in your life, or it might feel far and few in between in your life right now.  

Do you ever have free time and feel like you’re just sitting around, trying to find something useful to fill the gaps with?  Or maybe you don’t get much of it so you try and take advantage of it when it does come around.

Whoever you may be, and however much (or little) extra time you have, there are always ways that we can use our time to be more productive, happier, and healthier.

Don’t waste your day feeling like you did nothing useful with your free time.  Our days can slip by so quickly, without us even noticing, that you might be laughing at this, thinking to yourself, “who even has free time?”  

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Or, maybe you feel like you’re doing good.  Your days are full, but not too full, your free time is nice and relaxing.  You’re just the perfect type of busy where it’s not taking over your life, but you don’t feel lazy, either.

But are you being productive with your days?


I’ll admit, some days you do need to just sit your butt down on the couch and just be there.  Some days you don’t need to be super productive with your spare time.  But some days you should be.

Don’t let every spare minute of every day slip by.  Try challenging yourself to do even just one of the following things to fill your spare time, not with useless stuff, but with productivity.


1) Pay some bills

2) Do some cleanup around your house

3) Wash the dishes

4) Sweep

5) Dust the house

6) Go for a walk

7) Do a quick work out

8) Sort the mail

9) Reply to emails/letters that you haven’t yet

10) Return any important calls that you need to

11) Start dinner prep

12) Put appointments or important dates on the calendar

13) Learn a new hobby

14) Weed the garden

15) Don’t have a garden yet?  Create space in your backyard for a garden

16) Research and learn more about something that interests you

17) Sort through your closet and get rid of unnecessary items

18) Learn how to do your own canning

19) Read the Bible

20) Read a book

21) Write

22) Do a craft

23) Get artsy – draw, sew, crochet, paint, knit

24) Bake and/or cook. You can never have too many baked goods in the freezer…right? (My husband would beg to differ as it is difficult to find anything in our freezer because it’s so full of baking.)

25) Play cards.By yourself?  That’s fine, learn how to play solitaire.

26) Reorganize a room in your house

27) Reach out to a long time friend, or someone new, and have them over for coffee

28) Volunteer

29) Spend time with your family

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30 Productive Things to do With Your Spare Time
30 Productive and Useful Things to do With Your Spare Time

30 Easy & Productive Things to do With Your Free Time

What are some things you like to fill your spare time with? I’d love to hear from you!


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