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The only spring cleaning checklist you’ll need all year…

Looking for the best spring cleaning checklist that covers every nook and cranny in your house? Look no further…

March 26th – April 1st is National Cleaning Week, so if you’re wondering when to start spring cleaning, National Cleaning Week is a perfect time.

(Don’t worry – if the urge to start your spring cleaning hits you earlier or later than March 26th you can still use this checklist. 🙂 )


Everything You Need to Clean this Spring + Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

When doing your spring cleaning, to save time and get the most thorough clean in the easiest way possible, be sure to clean every room you enter from top to bottom and left to right.

Why in this order?

Cleaning every room in this order enables you to touch every surface once. This means you won’t be creating more work for yourself by knocking dirt onto a freshly cleaned surface.

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When to start spring cleaning

March 26th – April 1st is National Cleaning Week, which makes this week the most popular time of the year to start your annual spring cleaning.

However, you don’t need to wait for March 26th to hit – there’s no magic wand that makes spring cleaning easier on that day… it’s just usually when people start.

If the urge to spring clean hits you before or after National Cleaning Week, start whenever you feel ready. 🙂

Now, on to the best spring cleaning checklist:

Spring Clean the Kitchen

Spring clean the kitchen. free printable spring cleaning checklist.
  • Clean the stovetop
  • Interior of the oven (use self-cleaning option if available)
  • Interior of the microwave (use an angry mama to remove stuck-on substances)
  • Wipe down exterior of all kitchen appliances (oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Vacuum fridge coils (older fridges have the coils located on the back of the fridge – newer fridges have a panel over the coils)
  • Clean fridge interior (remove the drawers and shelves and wash in soapy water)
  • Wipe top of fridge & cupboards
  • Wipe the pantry shelves (and discard expired food items)
  • Clean interior of the dishwasher (remove and clean the filter, fill a dishwasher-safe container with white vinegar & turn the dishwasher on a hot-water cycle)
  • Wipe cabinet and drawer doors & handles
  • Wipe kitchen backsplash tiles/spot wash kitchen walls
  • Clean range hood filter (step-by-step instructions here)
  • Descale coffee maker & kettle (fill both with one part water, one part white vinegar then turn on/run a cycle. Once finished, dump and run a plain-water cycle. Wipe down outside of both appliances.)
  • Clean the toaster (empty crumb tray & wipe down the exterior.)
  • Wipe windowsills & windows (use streak-free cloths for the windows.)
  • Wipe off countertops
  • Disinfect kitchen sink with hydrogen peroxide
  • Take out the trash & disinfect trash can (do this in the bathtub as to not dirty up the kitchen sink.)

Kitchen cleaning tip: If you have stainless steel appliances, wipe them with baby oil to remove pesky fingerprints and repel future smudges.

Spring Clean the Living Room & Dining Room

Spring cleaning the living room and dining room free printable spring cleaning checklist.
  • Dust the ceiling fan (place a pillowcase over each fan blade, one at a time, all the way to the base of the fan, then pull to the end of the blade to remove the dust & drop it all into the pillowcase instead of on your head.)
  • Wipe down the kitchen table & chairs
  • Dust window frames
  • Dust window sills
  • Wipe down windows
  • Remove and wash curtains
  • Dust blinds (with a blind duster or place a cleaning rag on each side of a set of tongs to create a DIY blind duster.)
  • Dust picture frames
  • Remove knick-knacks and dust shelves
  • Dust TV and TV stand
  • Disinfect TV remote
  • Dust lamps (use a lint roller to remove dust from lampshades.)
  • Remove books and dust bookshelves
  • Dust tops & sides of speakers
  • Spot wash walls
  • Empty and wipe down coffee table
  • Vacuum cloth furniture
  • Wipe leather furniture
  • Polish leather furniture (learn how to polish and condition your furniture without expensive conditioners, here.)
  • Hang area rugs outside to freshen up
  • Wash decorative pillows and blankets
  • Steam clean cloth furniture and rugs (with this handheld steam cleaner)

Living room cleaning tip: Keep a small handheld vacuum stored in your living room to quickly clean up messes as they happen.

Spring Clean the Office

Spring clean the office. Free printable spring cleaning checklist.
  • Remove everything from top of desk and desk drawers
  • Dust top, sides, and back of desk
  • Wipe down handles
  • Wipe desk drawers & re-organize drawers
  • Dust computer screen
  • Wipe down and disinfect keyboard and mouse
  • Wipe down office chair
  • Dust knick-knacks
  • Recycle unneeded papers
  • Remove books from bookshelf
  • Dust bookshelf
  • Donate of unneeded/unused books
  • Spot wash walls
  • Dust windowsills & windows
  • Dust ceiling fan and light figures (using the pillowcase method mentioned above to dust the ceiling fan)
  • Dust picture frames
  • Take out trash
  • Disinfect trash can
  • Wipe down office door handle and hinges

Office cleaning tip: Control paper clutter by opting for receiving bills and statements online. This way you can organize your papers into different folders in your email and never worry about losing them. (Plus, you can access them when you’re away from home.)

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Spring Clean the Bedrooms

Spring clean the bedroom. Free printable spring cleaning checklist
  • Strip bed
  • Wash bedding
  • Flip mattress around for even wear and tear
  • Vacuum mattress (for a deeper clean you can sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours then vacuum off.)
  • Dust bed frame
  • Wipe down furniture
  • Wash pillows (follow these special washing instructions)
  • Put new bedding on bed
  • Empty and dust night table and dresser
  • Dust ceiling fan and light fixtures
  • Wipe windowsills & windows
  • Dust picture frames
  • Take out garbage
  • Disinfect garbage can
  • Wipe door handles and hinges
  • Spot wash walls
  • Clean out closet and donate unused clothes (here are 20 more things to get rid of)
  • Dust blinds
  • Wash curtains

Bedroom cleaning tip: Add some sweet-smelling bathsalts or a few drops of essential oils to the final cycle of the wash when washing your bedding for fresh, lovely smelling bedsheets. (Plus, the lavender in these bath salts will help you sleep better as an added bonus.)

Spring Clean the Laundry Room

  • Wipe down any shelving units in the laundry room
  • Empty & wipe laundry hampers (if you have cloth laundry hampers, throw the inserts into the washing machine to be washed later.)
  • Wipe exterior of the dryer
  • Empty and clean the dryer vent (34% of fires are caused from failure to clean the dryer vent)
  • Clean the washing machine (use this guide to clean your top loading washing machine. Use this guide to clean your front loading washing machine.)

Laundry room cleaning tip: Clean the dryer vent by placing an empty paper towel roll onto the end of your vacuum cleaner hose and suck lint from the bottom of the dryer where your hands can’t reach.

Spring Clean Odds & Ends

How to spring clean the house room by room spring cleaning checklist. Free printable spring cleaning checklist.
  • Wipe down all light switches
  • Wipe down door handles and hinges
  • Spot wash all walls
  • Dust baseboards (use a baseboard duster to save your back or create your own by wrapping a cloth around the end of a broom.)
  • Vacuum out air vents
  • Take out any other garbages and disinfect garbage cans
  • Test smoke alarms
  • Vacuum floors
  • Mop floors

Cleaning tip: Used dryer sheets aren’t at the end of their life – you can use dryer sheets (even used ones) to dust surfaces like baseboards (and others). Dryer sheets don’t only pick up the dust, they also leave behind a residue that repels dust for longer.

Spring Clean the Bathrooms

How to spring clean the bathroom. Free printable spring cleaning checklist.

Leave the bathrooms to be cleaned last, this way you can dump any dirty dusting water down the tub drain without worrying about dirtying up your clean tub. Plus, there’s nothing like wrapping up your spring cleaning by finishing with a sparkling bathroom.

  • Remove everything from the bathtub/shower, countertop, cupboard/drawers, and shelves
  • Spray tub/shower with cleaner
  • Place toilet bowl cleaner inside the toilet
  • Spray toilet with cleaner (this brand of household cleaner is nontoxic)
  • Clean the toilet tank (pour about a cup of white vinegar into the toilet tank. This will work to remove scale, scum, and buildup in the toilet tank and pipes.)
  • Spray mirror, countertop and sink with bathroom cleaner
  • Remove and wash shower curtain
  • Remove and wash all linens
  • Shake our floor mat (depending on the material, wipe it down or throw in the washing machine)
  • Remove and wash fan vent cover
  • Vacuum out the fan while the cover is removed
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Spot wash walls
  • Dust windowsills & windows
  • Wipe out cabinets, drawers, and shelves
  • Wipe cabinet and drawer doors, handles, and hinges
  • Take out garbage
  • Wash and disinfect garbage can
  • Wipe and shine mirror
  • Wipe down countertop
  • Wash sink and faucet
  • Clean the toilet exterior & interior (be sure to wipe the base of the toilet where dribbles, dust, and hair tend to collect.)
  • Wipe shower, starting at the top and working your way to the tub
  • Wipe and shine faucets
  • Scrub bathtub to remove soap scum buildup
  • Rinse out the tub
  • Replace items back into the shower, cupboards, drawers, countertop, and shelves
  • Replace the shower curtain and floor mat
  • Put clean linens out
  • Re-stock toilet paper

Bathroom cleaning tip: Use a dish wand filled with one part white vinegar, one part dish soap to quickly scrub away the soap scum ring in the tub.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

…and there you have it, the ultimate spring cleaning checklist.

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Your turn

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