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Before getting married I never imagined I would be a Stay-At-Home-Wife.  I knew after having children my calling was to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom, but never did I realize that being a SAHW was a part of my calling, too.

Before we got married I was working full-time at a retirement home.  It was good, honest, physical work and I didn’t mind it.  After getting married we moved so I had to quit, naturally I figured that after getting settled in I would start searching for another job.  

A few weeks turned into a few months and I slowly started getting my resume up to date.  After looking at the local job postings, there was just nothing that jumped out at me. 

My husband and I started discussing our budget, what we had been doing and eliminating to be able to live off of one income for the past few months and after a short while we decided to give me continuing to be a SAHW a try.  

We may not get to live the most glamorous life that some others do with two incomes, and it might mean saying no to plans so we can eat in, or stay at home for the evening to save a bit of money, but what we do get is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

We get quality time together as soon as Riley comes home from work, and before he leaves for work in the mornings.  As soon as he walks in that door, he gets to come into a smiling wife and a warm homemade meal on the table. 

Since Riley’s work schedule is all over the place it doesn’t matter what time he comes home, I can be home and adjust our dinner time so it is ready for when he walks in the door.  

I have the energy to make a tasty home-cooked meal, rather than just pulling something out of the freezer and tossing it into the oven because we’re both tired from a long day of work.  We save money by buying ingredients to put together our own meals, rather than buying ready-to-cook meals. 

I get the satisfaction of baking his favourite treat for him to enjoy when he gets home, and cleaning the house in the day so he has a crisp, clean house to come home to, (although I don’t think that matters as much to him as it does to me).  

I can get up with him in the mornings, make and pack his lunch, prepare his breakfast and send him on his way, because I don’t have a work schedule that conflicts with his.

When we want to go on vacation or even just camping for the weekend we only have to ask one boss for time off, instead of trying to coordinate our schedules.

I realize that staying home is not for everyone, and that is OK!  There is no shame in either being a SAHW, or a career wife.  And I realize that not every wife gets an opportunity that allows them to stay home and there is no shame in that, either! 

I realize that many of you will read this and still have the same opinion of a stay-at-home-wife as you did before reading this post, and that’s OK.  It’s a choice each couple must make together and according to what suits their lifestyle.  

My husband and I are perfectly happy living a simple lifestyle.  We both love living off our land, raising our own beef, growing our own vegetables, and not having the expensive things in life.  

Happy Homemaking! 

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12