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Bye-bye, Sugar.

Deciding to quit sugar, and trying to stay sane at the same time is hard work.

I wouldn’t say I have a sweet tooth… I would say I have sweet teeth.  All 32 of them.

Most people have 5 main food groups, where I have 6.

Dairy.  Fruit.  Grain.  Meat.  Vegetables.  Chocolate.

So I guess it’s not as hard to cut out sugar as it is chocolate.

Do it for a healthier lifestyle

My sister and I decided to go on a “sugar cleanse”, or whatever you would like to call it, together.  Where we are cutting out sweets, sugar, chocolate, and most foods with sugar in them.  Of course, we decided to do this at a terrible time, right over Halloween!  We don’t celebrate Halloween, but we do still like to stock up on the post-Halloween chocolate and candy sales the day after.

Going sugar-free until Christmas will let us see how our bodies react to not having sugar fed into them, how or if our personalities are affected, if we have more energy, and just give our bodies a moment to re-coop and get a bit healthier.

My sister doesn’t need this as much as I do, as I am the one with the sweet teeth but she decided to do this with me to keep me accountable, and I am so grateful.  Even though we live hours apart from each other it’s still so much easier when you have an accountability partner to do things with and keep you on track.

If you, too, are on a sugar-free sprint or are wanting to start one here are a few things to help you out:

Get an accountability partner.  You will be so grateful that you did.

When craving sugar, eat fresh fruit.  Fruit is filled with natural sugar that, when consumed in moderation, isn’t bad for you!

When you just need chocolate, make your own!  Mix together cocoa powder, honey, vanilla, and cocoa butter in a pot and heat up and you have tasty, sugar-free chocolate.  

When you NEED real chocolate, not homemade, rather than reaching for that milk chocolate bar that’s in the cupboard, grab the dark chocolate one instead.  Dark chocolate has health benefits if eaten in moderation. 

Stevia is your friend.  You can buy stevia sweetener, you use a significantly smaller amount of stevia sweetener than you would sugar, and it is healthier.  Or if you want to be even healthier, buy the actual stevia herb (plant), dry it, crush it up, and use it as a sweetener.  You will only need to use a small amount as it is very sweet.

Find tasty homemade salad dressing recipes as store-bought salad dressings have a fair amount of sugar in them.  When making homemade dressing switch out any sugar it calls for with honey.

Make your own spaghetti sauce

Honey, honey.  Use honey to sweeten your drinks, baking (some recipes do not work out with using honey over sugar), and pretty much any other things that need to be sweetened.  Honey is also your friend in the journey.

Avoid buying flavoured yogurt, instead, buy plain yogurt and mix in fruit and or honey to sweeten it.  

Do you have any tips and tricks for going sugar-free?  I would love to hear from you!

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12