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At Deliberately Here we are dedicated to providing helpful and valuable content to our readers through instructional and influential blog posts.

We focus mainly on decluttering, organizing, homemaking, and mom life.

I appreciate your interest in having your writing featured on I love receiving original, unique, and well-written posts that will be valuable and beneficial to the readers of

Although I do enjoy receiving well-written posts, unfortunately, I cannot publish them all. Before submitting your post to Deliberately Here, please be sure that you have followed the guidelines laid out below.

*PLEASE NOTE: WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO REPLY TO EVERY EMAIL WE RECEIVE. If we choose to publish your guest post, we will notify you within a couple of weeks from when you submit the post. If you do not hear from us, please do not send several follow up emails. We received your original email and will be in contact with you if we are interested.

  • Submitting your guest post to Deliberately Here does not guarantee that it will be posted.  I will gladly review your submission, but if I do not think it will hold value for Deliberately Here readers or fits the direction of Deliberately Here, it is likely not going to be published.
  • Affiliate links and too many self-promotional links are not accepted. All affiliate links will be removed from the posts and any excessive self-promotion will be removed. If it appears that your guest post is filled with affiliate links or is purely for self-promotion it is likely to be declined.
  • Your guest post is more likely to be accepted if you show genuine interest in Favor will be given to those who demonstrate a real interest in Deliberately Here as an active reader and/or follower.
  • Please use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Posts that require a lot of time-consuming editing before being published will not be accepted, therefore I ask that you use your best grammar, spelling, and punctuation, although a few mistakes are acceptable and even expected.
  • Posts must be original content. I ask that guest posts on Deliberately Here are completely original content and must not be posted anywhere else online.
  • Make posts easy to read. Use of short paragraphs, bullet points, and numbered lists are strongly encouraged.
  • Only use links that work and are relevant to the post. If you use links in your post, be sure that they are relevant and not broken. Likewise, any links that are broken or irrelevant to the post will be removed without notice. We may also change, swap out, or remove links without notice.
  • Please include at least 900 words in your post. I ask that your post be at least 900 words long.
  • I reserve the right to edit the post as I see fit. Though I won’t do any unnecessary editing to the guest post, I may make a few changes throughout the post and add links if I see fit. This may be done without notice to you.
  • Deliberately Here does not offer financial compensation for guest posts. At this time Deliberately Here is not offering any financial compensation for guest posts. We do although offer a link or two back to your website to help you gain some new exposure.
  • Please include a short bio along with your guest post submission. Your bio should be short and sweet, approximately 50 words in length. You may send a photo as well if you wish to have a picture of yourself included in your bio at the end of the post. Your bio may also include a link back to your site if you have one.

Guest post submissions that adhere closely to the guidelines laid out above are more likely to be accepted and published than those that don’t.

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