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18 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in November

After writing the post 11 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in October over a month ago, I figured I better do a follow up this month on ways that you can prepare for Christmas in November.  And next month you will find the next and final post on how to prepare for Christmas. In my previous Preparing for Christmas post, I mentioned how we woke up to a winter wonderland that morning but it would soon melt away.  Now we have been waking up to a winter wonderland for several days and I don’t think it’s going anywhere this time until...

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11 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in October

11 Ways to Prepare for Christmas in October You might be thinking I am crazy for even mentioning the Christmas word since, after all, it is only October.  But The holiday season and December can become so crazy and overwhelming, what will it hurt to get a bit of an early start on things?  Yes, I realize we haven’t even had Halloween or even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m not going to suggest you start blasting the Christmas Carols or decorating your house just yet unless that’s what you like to do.  Admittedly, I sometimes turn on some Christmas tunes in July.  Okay,...

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