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Leading up to the new year is a time when numbers of people decide to make a change in their lives.  We write down countless new year’s resolutions that we are certain we will stick to.

Until a few weeks have passed and our new year’s resolutions get thrown out the door.

It’s like we expect some big change to grab ahold of our lives, shake us to the core, and all of the sudden we are changed people with a new perspective.  We expect that simply by making resolutions and writing them down on paper, we are all of the sudden a kinder, fitter, healthier, smarter and happier version of ourselves.  

But then in no time at all, we are back to our normal selves.  

It just wasn’t working for us so we decide to forget about our plans to be a better version of ourselves.  

Our resolutions don’t have to fail, though.  The reason they fail is because we quit trying to be everything we wanted to be, because we aren’t willing to put the work in for it. 

We feel as if it should just come naturally, that because we wrote everything we want to become on a piece of paper, poof, we are now that person.  But the reality of it is, there is no magic potion that makes our personality go, poof, unfortunately.

It takes work, and a lot of it.  

I’ll bet if you asked people in May what their new year’s resolutions they made at the beginning of the year were, most of them wouldn’t even remember.

It’s hard to stick with our goals and see them through when we don’t see any return or progression.

But that’s just part of life, we aren’t always going to get rewarded for our hard work. Sometimes we just have to put the work in, even when we know that nobody else is going to notice.   

The Only New Year's Resolution To Make This Year

We have to stop making our success depend on a reward.

What I mean by that, is, don’t just put the hard work in when it’s going to be noticed by people. Sure, you might get a pat on the back and a bit of praise and acknowledgment.  But if being approved by other people is the only reason that you’re working towards your goal, it’s going to flop.

Set goals to better yourself and put the hard work in even when nobody notices, because that is when it matters the most.

So this year don’t set those fluffy, meaningless new year’s resolutions.  You only need ONE resolution, and here’s why.

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Here is the ONLY new year’s resolution that you should be making this year:

Spend MORE time in the Word of God. Everyday.

That’s it.  That’s the only resolution you should be making that you are going to stick with the whole year through.  It’s not a bad thing to make other resolutions, those can be good too.  But my suggestion is that this resolution sits at the top of your list and even if you don’t stick with the other ones, you do see this one through.

Challenge yourself, you might already be spending time in His Word every day, so push yourself to spend an extra 20 minutes indulged in Him.  

Be still and listen for His voice.

You might be thinking that there are barely enough hours in the day already and you’re having a hard enough time squishing in the time that you do spend in His Word.  It might feel like an extra 10 or 20 minutes is just not possible.  If this is you, take a step back – let everything weighing on your shoulders drop, and look at your life.  God created you and continues to bless you every. single. day.  

God is the creator of all things, and He still has time for you.  

So make time for Him.  Whether that means you wake up a few minutes earlier or go to bed a few minutes later, or make your kid’s quiet time just a little bit longer, do what you have to do to make time for the Creator of all things, to thank Him and be in His presence.

Make a plan and follow through on this one.  Fit more God-time into your day and see the difference it makes!  It’s amazing to look at the differences in my days when I spend time in the Word versus days that “I’m just too busy to” (a terrible excuse).

Don’t forget to come to Him with a thankful heart.  All too often we can get caught up in our lives and our personal time with God turns into us just asking and asking, taking and taking.

Take time and spend it doing nothing but thanking Him, giving your praises back to Him.  Even when your life is in the slumps and it feels like it can’t get any worse, be grateful.  He has been where you are, He knows your struggles.

Take care of yourself Spiritually.

When you do this you are setting an example for your children, they know that mommy or daddy wakes up early, or goes to bed later, or makes them have a longer quiet time because they value their relationship with God.  Because they need their quiet time with God.  Don’t only do yourself a favour, but also your kids and your spouse, and make it your goal to spend even more time in the Word of God this year.

You’re not alone in this challenge – this is my resolution, too.

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Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12