Inside: Do you struggle with keeping cleaning products organized and accessible?  Do you spend more time trying to find cleaning supplies than actually cleaning?  Try using a cleaning caddy and watch your productivity and motivation sky rocket!  You may even find that you no longer dread cleaning day.

I started rummaging through the cupboards for the 5th time that day, this time desperately trying to find a cloth to clean up the juice that found its way to the floor after being knocked over by the wild arms of my two year old.

“It’s somewhere back here; I know I saw it somewhere…maybe behind the glass and toilet bowl cleaner? Or maybe with the towels?”  After two long minutes of digging around, I emerged with the sought after cloth.

And this is when I decided something needed to change…

Do you find yourself taking 15 minutes just to FIND supplies on cleaning day?  Are your cupboards and shelves overrun by various cleaners, cloths, and other random cleaning supplies?  Do you find that your motivation wanes as cleaning day approaches?

Having to dig through a mess just to find cleaning supplies can affect both your motivation to clean and your willingness to clean. 

The solution: A cleaning caddy.  Not only does a cleaning caddy create an organized space, it can also increase your desire to clean. 


Why You Should Have A Cleaning Caddy

  • Saves time

Instead of rummaging through a drawer to find cleaning supplies, you can just grab the cleaning caddy and start cleaning wherever the mess is.

  • Creates a stress-free environment

It’s a well known fact that disorganized and cluttered spaces can play a big part in stress and anxiety. Having a cleaning caddy is one small thing you can do to create an environment of cleanliness, organization, and less-stress, both for you and anyone who comes into your home. Read more about creating a stress free environment, here.

  • Easily see when supplies need to be refilled or replaced

Having all your cleaning supplies contained in one area and easily accessible makes it easier to see when they need to be refilled or replaced.

  • Safety

Keeping potentially harmful solutions and products together makes it easier to store in a place that can’t be reached by children or pets.

What Type of Cleaning Caddy Should You Get?

There are an abundance of options out there, so finding the one (or three) cleaning caddys that work for YOU is what is important.  Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect cleaning caddy:

  • Price

Prices will vary depending on brand, style, and size of the caddy.  Find one that fits your budget!

  • Style

Dividers, handles, and set-up of the caddy will differ, so find one that fits your style for cleaning.  Knowing what kind of supplies you want to put in the caddy will determine which style will work best for you. 

  • Colour

Finding a caddy in a colour you love will make cleaning more motivating and exciting!  Maybe you want one that matches the personality of the house, or one that matches your other cleaning supplies, or maybe you just want a hot pink cleaning caddy to make things fun!

Here are a few of my personal favourites:

What Should You Put In Your Cleaning Caddy?

Now, what should you put in the cleaning caddy?  This is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation, as everyone’s cleaning habits are different.  However, here are some ideas of what to put in your cleaning caddy to make cleaning easy and efficient.

  • Your favourite all-purpose cleaners
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Garbage bags
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrub brush and sponge for those hard to clean areas
  • Baking soda and/or vinegar to make things shine

Where Should You Store Your Cleaning Caddy?

It is important to find a “home” for your cleaning caddy that is easily accessible to manage those quick cleans.  Having cleaning supplies in an easily reachable location is convenient and motivating.  Find a cupboard, either under the kitchen or laundry room sink, a drawer in the bathroom, or a shelf in the closet to store your cleaning caddy.  Ensure it’s in a safe place, away from where animals and children can get into it.

The bonus of a cleaning caddy is that it will make your cupboard space more organized!

You may also find it handy to have a cleaning caddy for each specific area of the house.  For example, you could have a cleaning caddy specifically made up for cleaning the bathroom.  You could also have one for the kitchen, the laundry room, the main living area, the guest suite, etc. 

Having a cleaning caddy (or 4 of them) ready to go will create an environment that motivates organization and cleanliness, as well as take a little bit of stress out of the day-to-day!

Having a cleaning caddy ready to go will increase motivation and make cleaning a more enjoyable experience.
Having a Cleaning Caddy ready to use will keep you motivated to keep the house clean and organized

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for what to put in your cleaning caddy?  Drop a comment below, we would love to hear from you!