Does that welcoming home you desire feel out of your reach since there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Eliminate the unnecessary and do what has worked best for purposeful homemakers. Find the 5 things homemakers do every day here!

Do you desire to have a home that is welcoming and warm to everyone to walks through the doors, but find that there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done that requires doing if you are going to achieve a house like that?

From toys strewn across the floor to that great big laundry pile taking up residence on your couch cushion (that unfortunately isn’t going to go away even if you pretend to forget about it), your house feels more like a disaster zone than it does welcoming.

Can you relate?

Hearing about all these joyful homemakers makes you want to hide under the covers in shame because your house is cluttered and loud.

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The first step to transforming your house from disaster zone to a welcoming place that you’re not ashamed of is realizing that just because your house is a mess, that doesn’t mean you’re failing as a homemaker or wife or mother.

Your house might be a mess because you decided to leave the dishes in the sink last night so you could cuddle up with your husband on the couch instead.

Your house might be a mess because you were too busy playing chase with the kids that time ran away and you didn’t have time pick up the toys strewn across your living room floor.

Maybe your house is a mess because you were too busy caring for a sick loved one to be concerned about that heaping pile of laundry on the couch.

Just because your house is a mess, doesn’t mean that you’re doing a bad job.

You’re doing a great job. You really are.

But, if your house is a mess because you struggle to find motivation to clean and would rather sit on the couch reading a book or watching a movie, there are a few things you can do to help yourself find that motivation that you need to transform your house into the home that you long for.

If you didn’t have time to clean up yesterday because you were busy being present with your family, don’t stress over it. Instead, change your daily schedule up a bit to create some time to clean up around your house, even if it’s just a few minutes each day.

When you look at your role as a homemaker, do you find yourself merely doing your duties and coasting through the day, or are you really living with intention? Your role as a homemaker, though it may seem insignificant to the roles that your friends who work outside the home have, is not insignificant nor less than those of your working-friends.

Your call to be a homemaker is a vitally important role in your families life. You are working and shaping every day to raise your kids and nourish your family in the best way possible.

It is not a job to be taken lightly.

If you are in need of some encouragement in your daily routine as a homemaker, you’re in the right place.


5 things homemakers do every day


The one habit I have observed from intentional and purposeful homemakers that I know is that they make it a daily habit to spend time in the Word of God.

Transforming your disaster zone into a welcoming haven can be stressful and feel overwhelming at times.

That’s why it is so important to delve into God’s Word and learn more about Him and learn from Him.

Finding joy in the mundane day-to-day routine isn’t always easy, but there is joy to be found everywhere – you just need to know how to search for it.


I’ve come to notice that there is a distinct line with morning routines. Most people either love them or hate them.

As an unstructured and spontaneous kind of woman, I didn’t realize that having a morning routine was so important.

I didn’t like the thought of creating a morning routine. I thought it would lock me into some kind of hazed personality where I just started doing the same thing over. And over. And over. And over.

The thought of doing the exact same thing every morning quite frankly freaked me out.

It took me a while to realize that having a morning routine doesn’t mean that I do the exact same thing in the exact same order every morning.

I am free to change it up, but it is important that I lay the foundation for my mornings.

Putting purpose into your morning is vital, as the morning will likely play a big role in the direction of your day.

If your morning starts out terribly, there’s a good chance your whole day is going to feel pretty terrible.

If your morning starts out lazily, there’s a good chance your whole day is going to be a lazy day.

But, if your morning starts out with intention and purpose, there’s a good chance that the rest of your day will be filled with intention and purpose.

Morning routines don’t have to be complex. They are simply a few key things that you do first thing in the morning to ensure you start your day off in the right direction.

My morning routine is simple, and I rarely do everything in the same order one day to the next – but I still do everything on my list.

My morning routine includes: washing my face, making our bed, getting dressed (even though I stay home, I find that whether I get dressed or not affects my productivity levels for the day like crazy), reading the Bible and my devotions, eating breakfast, getting everything that needs to be done that day laid out in orderly fashion, etc.

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Whether they clean their entire house or just pick up a few toys, purposeful homemakers do their best to clean up their house as they go about their day.


Homemakers do their best to notice the little things. The things that one day they will look back on and realize weren’t so little after all, but rather they are the memories that stuck with them through the thick and thin.

Do you find that you take the everyday little things for granted? Take a day and try to really appreciate the little things that you’ve been blessed with, though they may be blessings in disguise.


You may have read through this entire list only to end up feeling hopeless and like being a homemaker is way out of your ability.

It’s not!

Homemakers aren’t perfect. They just strive to do the best they can, but they screw up just as much as anyone else.

Don’t be discouraged if this has made you realize many different areas where you want to change the way you approach every day, instead use this as encouragement.

Let this encouragement fuel you on to become the best version of yourself, exactly where you are in the life you’ve been given.

Do you long to be a homemaker and transform your home into a haven? If so, what is the biggest struggle you are facing right now? What is that one thing that you feel like you fail at every day, but are determined to get right? I’d love to chat with you!

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