Inside: Get help and start decluttering today with these 12 easy things to declutter to clear up stress in your home and stress in your life.

Have you ever walked into your home and felt an overwhelming feeling of stress and overstimulation? 

You’re not alone. 

Studies show that clutter can cause women’s cortisol levels to rise throughout the day, causing a lack of motivation to get things done and inducing feelings of stress, frustration, and overwhelm.

If you’ve ever wondered why messes and clutter trigger you, now you know – clutter is very likely to have a real impact on your mental well-being.


How to Solve the Clutter Problem

The good news is that clutter is a (relatively) easy problem to solve. 

It takes some motivation, determination, and changes in how you see your belongings, but it’s not impossible to toss the clutter and start living a life of less stress.

The key factor is to start small. 

Don’t try to overdo it and go through every single drawer, closet, and nook and cranny in your house right off the get-go.

Doing so will cause you to get even more overwhelmed and give up before you make any progress.

Instead, start by decluttering a few simple things.

Stuff that isn’t too hard to let go of, and go on from there.

Before you know it, you may be a lean mean decluttering machine. But that will come with time.

For now, here are 12 Easy Things to Declutter From Your Home

This is a fun challenge of things to declutter before the new year or a new month. But this simple decluttering challenge can start at any time – whenever you’re ready to start living a life with less stress and less clutter.

A Quick Tip Before You Start

  • A quick decluttering tip to make the process easier is to do a quick look around the space you’re focusing on decluttering and tossing any garbage that may be lying around. This way there’s less junk for you to work around, and it won’t feel quite so overwhelming.

12 Easy Things to Declutter From Your Home Today

1. Expired Medications

We’re starting simply here. Sort through your medicine cabinet and safely discard any expired medications. 

You don’t need them. You can’t use them. It’s the perfect item to start decluttering.

2. Hotel Goodies

Those little shampoo and conditioners as well as soap bars and lotions that hotels send you home with? More than likely they got shoved under the bathroom sink and have sat there for months, unused.

If you haven’t thought about them since you brought them home – don’t think you should keep them now, just because you’re being reminded that they’re still there.This is your sign to toss them. You can do it.

3. Pens, Pencils, Markers

Another easy thing to declutter is pens, pencils, and markers that no longer work. 

Why hold on to them anymore? Grab a piece of paper and start testing – if something doesn’t write properly anymore, into the trash it goes.

4. Takeout Condiments

I’ll admit, I’ve been a sucker for holding onto little ketchup packets and stuffing them in the fridge, never to think of them again.

Because, it’s free food… right? Can’t let that go to waste.

But really, if they’ve been sitting in your fridge (or elsewhere) and they just keep piling up, never to be used, hear me when I say you can safely get rid of them. You won’t miss them. 

(If you can’t bring yourself to toss food, you can always open the packets and pour them into your already existing containers of that same condiment. But trust me, you CAN get rid of them.)

5. Junk Mail

Flyers, letters, anything you’ve received that you really don’t need, free up some space in your home by getting rid of it.

6. The Fridge Door

I’ve said it before (right here) and I’ll say it again: If your fridge door is a cluttered mess, it’s more than likely that the other spaces in your house are following suit.

A typical refrigerator’s front panel holds 52 different objects. 

That’s the front face of your fridge – we’re not even talking about what’s INSIDE the fridge.

While we’re on the topic of the refrigerator…

7. Inside Your Fridge

Once you’ve got the door of your fridge under control, the next place you can easily declutter is the inside of the fridge.

This one is a bit more time-consuming than the other items to declutter we’ve covered, but it’s well worth your time. 

Pull everything out of the fridge and sort through the plethora of containers that overflow the fridge shelves.

You’re bound to find a thing or two that’s well past it’s prime and you wouldn’t dare feed to your family (who knows – you may even find the source of that funky fridge smell). 

After you’ve tossed the old food, it’s a good time to wipe down the shelves before refilling the fridge. (But this is an article about decluttering, not cleaning. If you need help in the cleaning department, my cleaning department can help you out.)

8. Cookbooks

You may have a few family favorite cookbooks you refer to often. Those are good to keep. 

But the others that collect dust and make for nothing more than a pretty picture on the front cover? Those can go.

If you use just one or two recipes out of a couple of cookbooks what you can do to eliminate clutter is photocopy or write down the recipes you use and keep them in a little recipe binder, and donate the cookbook for someone else to use (or keep on their shelf for the next 5 years without cracking it open. But hey, at least it’s not cluttering up your home anymore).

What has been my favorite tool since getting rid of my unused cookbooks is this meal planning service. I don’t have to stress about what to make for dinner anymore because it does all the work for me. 

9. Storage Containers

If you have storage containers holding… more storage containers… it may be time to let them go. 

Instead of finding stuff to fill the containers with (and then forget about for years to come), why not get rid of the stuff and the containers… and as a bonus, the added stress that clutter brings? 

A classic win, win, win!

10. Bedding

The linen closet is a convenient place to hoard rags, towels, bedding… anything you want. Shove it in there, close the door, and never worry about it again.

But when you do open the closet door and realize there are 5 sets of twin bedsheets and you only own one twin bed anymore… well, now you can safely donate a few sheet sets because I’m sure you do the laundry often enough to live well on two sets of sheets.

11. Clothes

Okay, I get it. I’m sure you’re thinking that clothes, of all things, are one of the most difficult to declutter. And I would agree with you, except there’s a trick to make decluttering your closet a breeze.

Take all the hangers in your closet and turn them the wrong way. 

Flip them around so they hang opposite to how they normally hang in the closet.

Next, set a reminder on your phone for 6 months down the road. 

As you wear an article of clothing, flip that hanger around and hang it the right way in the closet. That’s how you know it’s something you actually wear. 

After 6 months, any articles of clothing still hanging the wrong way are clothes you really don’t need around. (If you have out-of-season clothes, do this again in the following 6 months of the year with those clothes.)

12. Mugs

If this one makes you cringe in despair, know it made me cringe first. I LOVE a good mug collection.

But it turns out, “a good mug collection” turned into every and any mug I could get my hands on for a number of years. Shoved into our cupboard. 

And of course, the mugs I’d collected weren’t my favorites – they were ones we’d gotten given to us one way or another – so my favorites took up residence at the front of the cupboard, and the rest were shoved to the back never to feel the joy of freshly brewed coffee inside them.

But at least I had the security of 50+ different mugs. So that just in case we ever hosted 50+ adults… we’d be set.


Funny, isn’t it?

Security in Clutter

That’s what a lot of our clutter issues come down to. 


We feel security in holding on to all of our stuff.

Because it’s ours.

And we have enough.

And we’ll never run out of ketchup because we have that emergency stash of 60 little packets in the back of the fridge. 

But what’s more important – a false sense of security (because let’s be honest – our security should not be found in our belongings), or finally freeing ourselves from the constant, nagging stress that falls on our shoulders every time we walk into our home, because there’s too. much. stuff.

You Can Do It

If you’re ready to move on to the next steps, you can find more decluttering help and tips here in these articles.

Simple and mindless things to declutter from your house today