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What is time management?

I had to sit down and really think, “what is time management for me?”  when making this article.  Time management is a sticky little thing, and it’s easy for it to get pushed under the rug and forgotten about, and before you know it you’re wasting precious time.  

You know the old saying, “Time is money”.  It is totally true.  If you’re wasting your time there’s a good chance that you’re not making money doing it.  But if you are, please, let me in on your secret!  

Since I am a stay at home wife, I find it can be especially challenging to manage my time and make sure I am doing something productive with it.  It can be easy to sit down with your favourite book, or movie, and let your day slip by.  

That’s probably how stay at home wives and moms got a bad rap.  The stereotype.  You know the one, where a woman sits at home all day eating and watching soap operas?  Yep.. That’s the one!

Unfortunately, this is a reality for some people.  So, what CAN we do to stop ourselves from letting our days slip by in the blink of an eye, and before we know it, it’s suppertime and we haven’t done anything productive with our day?

What can we do to manage our time appropriately so our lives don’t waste away?

Time Management Tips for Busy People That Will Help Organize Your Days

This post is a big reminder for me.  Since I am a stay at home wife it can be challenging to motivate myself to get out of the house and make sure I am managing my time and not letting my days slip by unnoticed.

And, I am sure that many people probably think I do sit around eating and watching soap operas all day.  I promise you, I really don’t.

I had to catch myself when I would feel I was wasting my time and teach myself to get out of that sneaky little habit.  It is a learning process, like almost everything in life, and as much as I wish I could truthfully say that I woke up one day and kicked the habit out the door, I can’t.

And I am sure there are many other people out in the world like me, too.  So my goal is to help you and to help myself.  Let’s kick this bad habit together.

When I look back to when I was working full time, outside the house, it’s easy to think that I was superb at time management!  I was at work from the wee hours in the morning until afternoon, and then after that, if I went home and did nothing with my day I didn’t feel bad, because I felt like I had gone out, done my work, so I deserved to be able to go home and relax.

Now that I am working full time, from my house, it’s easy to ridicule myself for “being lazy” because some days I don’t leave the house.  I still sometimes have a hard time realizing that blogging has become a full-time gig for me and that it is hard work.  

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But even though blogging is my full-time job now, that still doesn’t give me the right to sit on the couch all day.  Even though I am doing my work while I sit there, I still need to get up and get active.  Not only to do other productive things with my day, but also for my own health!  


We will look at a few different options below, but remember that every person is different, and what works for someone else might not work for you.  And that’s totally fine!  Just find something that works for you.

Maybe nothing on this list works for you.  That’s OK, too.  Become creative.  You know yourself best, so learn what works best for you.


Set your goals and write them down on paper.  Lists are great.  I love lists.  First, because I love writing, so that’s fun.  But also because of the feeling of satisfaction that I get from being able to check items off of the list.  Is there really any greater feeling in life than that of the satisfaction of a list that is complete?  Yes… there are.  But a finished list ranks pretty high up there in my books!


Okay, you made the list, but that doesn’t mean you get to let it sit on the counter and collect dust, until later that night when it gets thrown in the trash.  

If you are a lists person and you made yourself a list, be sure to follow it!  Even if you don’t like lists for the satisfying feeling you get when checking something off of it (are there even people out there that don’t get that feeling?!), but lists are also a great way to help you remember everything you have to do.  

Otherwise, if it’s just all in your brain it can be easy to forget some stuff (intentionally?), and not get it all done.


I’m not saying you have to do this every single day if you’re a SAHW or mom, but, even if you don’t have to run errands, go for a walk!  Grab the stroller if you have kiddos and take the whole family out to get some fresh air.


And don’t get sucked into opening more tabs.  Don’t get lost in the black hole of the internet, because we all know that 4 hours and 30 cat videos later, you’ll remember your original reason for coming on the computer, but you won’t have time to do it anymore.


If you need a little friendly reminder to help keep you on track, set various alarms throughout the day.  Each alarm should have a different purpose.  When your 11 am alarm goes off, you need to do the vacuuming.  

When your 1 pm alarm goes off you need to bake cookies.  When your 2 pm alarm goes off you need to go for a walk.  And so on and so forth.  Alarms are a great reminder to keep you on track throughout your day.


Instead, opt for starting dinner early today and making a nice fancy (or just nice) home cooked from scratch meal.


You’re a superstar momma and/or wife.  You’ve got this!  Don’t let the day drudge on.  You’re the boss of it!  Decide in your head that this will be a great day full of accomplishments, and you’re already halfway there.

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