Inside: does having a dirty house make you stressed out? Do you feel like all you spend your day doing is rounding up toys and sweeping up crumbs while a parade of mess-makers follows on your tail? Use these 5 ultimate cleaning tips for busy parents to spend less time cleaning every day.

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The concept of a clean home as a busy parent seems like an impossible feat. You can only be pulled in so many directions at once.

Many times, this is at the detriment of your home, or at least for what’s visible in it. Your window for cleaning can be minimal, so efficiency is critical. Understanding how to prioritize and leveraging these helpful cleaning tips will go a long way.  


The Best Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Think having a clean house with kids is nothing more than a pipedream? Use these clever cleaning tips for busy parents to not only clean your house but to keep your house clean – even with kids.

1. Create a Schedule and Stick to it (with some room for flexibility)

Whether you’re trying to squeeze the house cleaning in between your work schedule or adding it as one of your stay at home wife duties, having a specific schedule is important.

If you go into each week trying to figure out where to focus your attention, you’ll end up spending a lot of time on very little.

Start by thinking about your week as a whole. Is there a day that is calmer than others? If so, that’s where you’ll want to do the most time-consuming tasks.

Deep cleaning is best done during nap times or even at night so that you can focus without interruptions. Consistency and repetition will make your schedule feel natural, rather than forced. We even recommending posting the schedule in a common area of your home so the whole family can help pitch in.

While it is important to set a routine, you also need to allow for flexibility. Things may not happen the same time every day or even at all. That is ok. Just pick back up wherever you left off. 

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2. Clean as You Go

One of the best cleaning tips is to continuously clean.

For example:

  • Clean the bathroom counter while you’re brushing your teeth
  • Watching a show? Fold your laundry, wipe down your coffee table and vacuum your rug (during commercials, of course).
  • While you’re picking out your outfit, hang clean clothes up, or put shoes away.
  • Making breakfast? Unload the dishwasher while you wait for it to cook.

By doing small things as you go, you will make a big impact on the overall cleanliness of your home.

3. Let Free Time be Acceptable

Many busy parents feel free-time is not an available concept. However, this usually is only the case when we don’t allow it to be.

Don’t feel that you need to fill every minute of downtime. If you do, burnout is inevitable. Reserve some free time to do things you love.

If that includes organization for your sanity, that’s great! If it means sipping on a cup of coffee while reading a page-turner, that’s ok too.

By allowing yourself space to do something for yourself, you’ll naturally become more productive during the other moments of your day. There are plenty of things to do in your free time.

4. Ask For Help

As a busy parent, you are a real-life superhero. Don’t forget that all superheroes need a sidekick (or a few). Set the expectation that cleaning your home is a group task.

This will teach your kids that everyone plays a role in keeping the house neat. Sharing responsibility teaches accountability and teamwork while helping you out tremendously.

Also, make it a habit for your kids to clean up when they finish playing. Implement a song or a game to make it fun. Eventually, it will feel natural to put all the toys back where they came from when playtime is over.

5. Don’t Clean What You Don’t Need

One of the biggest time wasters is continuing to clean around all the extra clutter in your home. This one may seem obvious.

Unfortunately, we rarely find the time to clear out all of our unwanted, or simply untouched, belongings.

Spend some time each week in one area of the house. If you have possessions that haven’t been touched or are just ready for the trash, it is time to donate or dispose of them. You will feel not only relieved but very productive. This will make your home easier to clean. Plus, you will free up more space for the things you actually need.

If you are a parent, then the safety of your kids should be your top priority. Having a safe and clean home is crucial, and so is how you clean your home. Using green cleaning products will not compromise the quality of your efforts – it will only enhance the safety of them.

Harsh chemicals can have negative impacts on the health of your children. They are hazardous to breathe in. Many also cause reactions when they come into contact with delicate skin.

Store any cleaning products in your home out of reach due to the concern of accidental ingestion. It is best to store them in a locked closet or on a very high shelf, away from curious hands. Though any chemical ingested would be dangerous, many green products contain natural elements that are less detrimental

Overall, busy parents have no choice but to develop great time management skills. These five tips will help you fit in cleaning with all of the other key responsibilities you have.

Start by creating a schedule and sticking to it. As you go about your day, clean up the area you are in. You also need to allow yourself some free time to do something you love.

You deserve a break. Be sure to ask others for help. Don’t take on the burden alone!

Lastly, clean out your home little by little to eliminate any unnecessary cleaning. You can do this!

About the author:
Linda Floyd is the owner of Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning Service. Linda is a mother of 3, loves to travel and spend time with her family.

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